{Rules of PR no.32} Humility, Voltaire and Tim Tebow

Voltaire said, “Tears are the silent language of grief” and it’s safe to say Tim Tebow grieved.

When Harry Potter fought against Lord Voldemort in the Harry Potter series, he fought for equality and the ability to live harmoniously between wizard and non-wizard alike.

When Edward Cullen initially refused to turn Bella Swan into a vampire in the Twilight saga, it was because he didn’t want her to lose her humanity. In Twilight, when Rosalie Hale continued to urge Bella Swan to stay human it was because being human connected those ‘with souls’ to the world.

In the BBC sci-fi drama, Being Human, the plot, in its simplest form, is about the three main characters (a vampire, a werewolf, and a ghost) aiming to live life normally, dealing with all the  struggles and emotions of an everyday human beings.

I guess, there is something to say about the supernatural and extraordinary seeing something spectacular in the normal.

On Saturday December 5, 2009, the no.1 ranked Florida Gators faced off against the no.2 ranked Alabama Crimson Tide for the 2009 SEC Championship of College Football. For some people, this was the game of games for the season. The BCS is still coming up, but this was the game of the year because of who was playing. It isn’t often that the no.1 and a no.2 teams face-off against each other in a conference championship.

For those who watched the game, it was no surprise (for Gator or Crimson Tide fans alike) that the team who played better, won. That team happened to have been Alabama (32-13).

But what was the most unique aspect of the entire four-hours of sport, was that the last 15-minutes of coverage time, was aimed at and concentrated on, Florida’s quarterback Tim Tebow (#15)…because he cried.

Does it strike anyone else as ridiculous that CBS concentrated on Tim Tebow and his tears for well over fives minutes, over one-minute of which, you can see in the first video above.

On Twitter the SEC game became the source of multiple trending topics and it got interesting:-

Click to Enlarge, Magnify on Picasa to Read the Comments.

Click to Enlarge, Magnify on Picasa to Read the Comments.

Click to Enlarge, Magnify on Picasa to Read the Comments.

“Tears are the safety valve of the heart when too much pressure is laid on it.” – Albert Smith

I would imagine it didn’t stop there. An onslaught of ‘haters’ and ‘anti-Gator’ as well as ‘anti-Tebow’ people alike stormed the Internet because Wikipedia locked Tebow’s profile.

Click to Enlarge, Magnify on Picasa to Read see 'lock'

The thing is, Tim Tebow isn’t just some random guy on the college sports scene. He’s one of the main guys. I’m not just saying that because the University of Florida is my alma mater, I’m saying that because it’s true.

Tim Tebow is a Heisman Trophy winner and the first college sophomore ever to win the coveted college sports award.

He’s also a two-time Maxwell Award winner (given to the top football player nationally – 2007, 2008), a Davey O’Brien Award Winner (for the nation’s best quarterback – 2007), the AP Player of the Year (2007), a two-time All American Player of the Year (2007, 2008), a two-time ESPY Award winner for Best Male College Athlete (2008, 2009), a three-time SEC Award winner (Male Athlete of the Year 2007, Offensive Player of the Year 2008, Scholar Athlete of the Year 2008)  and a James E. Sullivan Award (2007) winner which is given to the nation’s most outstanding amateur athlete across any sport. His successor to the James E. Sullivan Award was Olympic Gold Medalist in gymnastics Shawn Johnson. So he’s in very good company.

He’s also the only person ever, in the history of the NCAA, to score 20 touchdowns rushing and 20 touchdowns passing in the same season. (See all his stats here)

(the birth of Tebow’s infamous “jump pass” against LSU in 2006)

On top of that, he’s an all-around ‘nice guy.’ He has spent his spring breaks doing volunteer missionary work in the Philippines (his father is a minister and Tebow was born there) and is known for spending free time speaking with children in hospitals, orphanages and prisons across the state of Florida. He’s saving himself for marriage and he’s also a devout Baptist who wears a different bible verse each week on his eye blacks.

He is a general messenger of goodwill and do unto others.

Whether religious, or not, it’s hard not to admire Tim Tebow.

He’s not out there getting DUIs, partying in frat houses and acting like a moron for all the world to see. Parents actually want their kids to look up to Tebow and he’s changed the way people look at home-schooling on top of that.

In the state of Alabama, as ironic as this whole thing is, there is a bill named after him called the “Tim Tebow Bill” which promotes giving home-schooled kids the opportunity to take part in the same extra-curricular activities as other students.

So let’s not be shallow or hide behind some hate, Tim Tebow is not only talented, but he obviously has some crazy amount of skill in doing what he loves. And Tim Tebow loves football. Anyone who has watched him play on the field knows this. There have even been jokes about it. When he gets fired up, leading his team, he’s something to see.

(Tebow’s Half-Time Speech at the 2009 BCS Game)

Therefore, if the worst thing someone can say about you, is that you deserve a multi-million dollar contract with Kleenex because you cried, then you really aren’t so bad.

You’re human.

I suppose that means that Tebow is what Harry Potter fought Voldemort against, what Edward Cullen warned Bella Swan about, what Rosalie Hale strived for and what Being Human was all about.

Little Pink Book’s Rule of PR #32:
Be true to yourself and have some humility.

At the end of the day, it is what separates
the ordinary from the extraordinary,
the good from the great
the promising from successful.

So thanks for being human Tim Tebow, I appreciate you 🙂

AP Photo/Phelan M. Ebenhack

**All image stills were made by me **

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