{Beautirati Eyes Tutorial} Release Your Inner Fantasy

Beautirati logo by Sasha H. Muradali. 2009 All Rights Reserved.

A {Beautirati} tutorial on something fun, something bright and something that gives me so much glee I want to sing like those kids on television!

I hope you like 🙂


  • Orglamix’s Lavande
  • I Touch Roses’ Saint, Mercy and Alone
  • Beaute Mineral’s PL 202
  • Cheeky Cosmetics’ Platinum
  • Urban Decay’s Freakshow


  • Diorshow Blackout


  • Revlon’s Lush #91128 Fantasy Lengths

( [L to R] TOP: Saint, PL 202, Lavande, Freakshow [Mercy is used directly below Freakshow with a little bit of Saint blended in]
BOTTOM: a little bit of Saint, and then between Mercy in the corner and Saint in the other corner, I blended Alone wet with a eyeliner brush)


  1. Base with Urban Decay Potion Primer
  2. Place a piece of tape lightly over eye, so you have a ‘base’ on where you want to paint.
  3. I used all the shadows wet, except for Freakshow and Platinum
  4. Start with the darkest shadow first on the outer part of the upper lid (Freakshow). Move towards the inner corner of your eye blending shadows one at a time until you get to the brightest (Saint.)
  5. When you’re done, take the tape off. Put your lightest color on the very top of your brow bone etc (Platinum)
  6. Line the bottom lid as desired and blend as desired.
  7. Use a white eye liner on the inner portion of your eye to make it bigger.
  8. Apply mascara.
  9. Use lashes as desired.

** Colours are not mandatory, you can use what you want. I just chose these 🙂 **

Sasha Muradali runs the ‘Little Pink Book’ and has been a makeup artist with MAC Cosmetics since 2004 in Florida. She has over 10-years experience in professional makeup. If you live in South Florida and are looking to hire a makeup artist, or if you just want some makeup advice, send her your inquires here.

Copyright © 2009 SashaH. Muradali. All Rights Reserved.


  1. I wish I had the skillz to do that! That eye is smokin!!

  2. lol, thanks 🙂

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  4. Gorgeous effect!

  5. Thanks! 🙂

  6. Gorgeous effect!

  7. Thanks! 🙂