{ADbitious} Palm Pixi AD is very much “Give Fun, Get Fun” #advertising

This is the new Palm Pixi advert from Spint and it’s super cute. I have no other way to describe it other than it makes me feel good when I see it.

The imagery is light, airy, vibrant and colourful. I love the disconnected music that syncs pleasantly to my ears and all I want to do is attempt to sing along and tap my stiletto along with it.

Here is the info on the AD:-
Advertising Agency: Modernista!, USA
Agency Producer: Chris Perry
Executive Creative Director: Gary Koepke
Creative Director: Tim Vaccarino
Art Director: Michael Tabtabai
Prod. Company: The Cartel
Director: Snorri Bros.
Line Producer: Rhonda Vernet
Executive Coordinator: Christa Miles
Editorial Company: Lost Planet Editorial
Editor: Max Koepke
Audio Company: Soundtrack Boston
Audio Engineer: Mike Secher
Visual Effects: Brickyard VFX
Executive VFX Producer: Kirsten Andersen
VFX Producer: Amy Appleton
Lead VFX Artist: Geoff McAuliffe
VFX Artist: Jimi Simmons
VFX Artist: Sean McLean
VFX Artist: Jaime Fortuno-Lavin
VFX Artist: Robin Hobart
VFX Artist: Gina Downing
Lead 2D Compositing: Geoff McAuliffe
2D Compositing: Jimi Simmons, Sean McLean
Lead Rotoscope Artist: Gina Downing
Rotoscope Artists: Sean Carroll, Henrique Ghersi, Anu Liikkanen, Charles
LaPage, Jessica Jacobson, Rory Fitzgerald, Jeremy Brown, Roto Factory
Lead CG Artists: Robin Hobart, Rusty Ippolito
CG Artist: Vinny LaCour
Tracking: Brian Morse, Chris Kwiatkowski
Sound Design: Brian Emrich, Eben Carr, Rohan Young
Final Mix: Rohan Young
Final Music: Fly by Ludicio Eiunaudi

Copyright © 2009 Sasha H. Muradali. All Rights Reserved.


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