Mikhail Prokhorov and The Nets

Agency: Burson-Marsteller

Client Lead: Richard Powell, COO

Crisis Communications Lead: Janeen Lawlor

Media Relations Lead:  Ronna Waldman

Digital PR Lead: Sasha Muradali

Mikhailov & Partners Lead: Ellen Pinchuk

Worked hand-in-hand with Prokhorov’s Russian agency, and Burson-Marsteller sister agency, Mikhailov & Partners in the acquisition of the New Jersey Nets.  From primilinary talks to full-execution during purchase and NBA press tour was a part of the team that handled:

  • Media and logistics (press tours)
  • Crisis communications
    • Barclays Center for Forest City Enterprises and Bruce Ratner
      • Atlantic Yards controversy
    • June Ambrose controversy
  • B2B digital sweeping and social media management
  • Breakfast with Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and Jay-Z
  • Brokering of three press exclusives*

(*) As I was the digital lead on this business, I was instrumental in brokering the pieces for Brooklyn Ink and the Huffington Post, also handling our teatime press event.

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