Agency: Bella PR

Creative Director/Art Director: Sasha Muradali

Copywriter: Sasha Muradali

  • German adult toys brand in the US
    • Brand struggled with building engagement and an audience on their US social media platforms.
  • Tasked with creating a consistent brand voice and tone, plus identifiable visuals.
    • Brand voice and tone needed to be tasteful, sassy and witty, without being vulgar or obscene. While, also staying true to the product category.
    • Art direction is a mixture of animated .gifs and tiles with ‘sayings’ and/or witty stream of consciousness
      • .gifs accompanied by complimentary copy
    • Used the brands core colors uniformed into rose pink, black and white/space gray and purple to transition for overall look and feel:
  • From July 1 – August 31
    • Took the brand from 126 followers on Instagram to 322
    • Took the brand from 7-15 likes per photographer to 60+
    • This was all purely organic, no paid social and no public relations presence
  • The Content Calendar is from July 2018 – September 2018
    • Full mock-up below:


(Fully animated Google Slides here.)


Images With Accompanying Copy:


  • “Beast  Mode. ?”


  • “You’re different than all the others, that’s sexy AF ?”


  • “Friday is my second favorite F-word. ?”


  • “BOSS: Built On SELF Success. #getigirl ??”


  • “➗ Math was always my best subject in school ?”


  • “Dating your ex again is like buying your clothes back from Goodwill.
    There is a reason you parted ways.
    #boybye ??”


  • “Girls have magical powers. They can get wet without water, and make boneless things hard.  ?
    #bossbabe #despacito”


  • “Dear Monday, let’s break-up. I’m seeing Tuesday and dreaming about Friday.
    Sincerely, It’s Me Not You.
    ? xo xo”


Content Calendar Frames:









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