.big hair. no care.

Agency: Bella PR

Art Direction: Sasha Muradali

Copywriting: Sasha Muradali

  • British-French hair extensions brand for women of African decent founded by Frédérique Harrel
  • Recently (2018) started shipping to the United States and wanted to bring consistency to their social media
  • Lacked brand voice and tone
    • Needed to be sassy, yet ‘woke’ but not ‘slaying’.
    • Voice and tone needed to be relatable, lighter, friendly, but informative
  • Art direction needed to be consistent between ‘spoken’ stream of consciousness and re-grams from other women
    • Re-grams need to be beautiful, but real.  Also, highlight lifestyle aspect of brand — ‘girl you can do anything’
    • Brand is exceptionally body positive, regardless of hair style, body type, skin color, etc.



Images With Accompanying Copy:


  • “Boy, bye. ??”


  • “That melanin tho. ?”


  • “Boyfriend: “Babe, I was on the subway”Me: “And?”??‍♀️”


  • “Taking one or some for the team. I volunteer as tribute! ??‍♀️”


  • “Majestic AF ? #youglowgirl”


Content Calendar Frames:




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