Branding, Biz and PR: Top 7 Reasons Sir Richard Branson is THE MAN

“I believe in benevolent dictatorship provided I am the dictator.” – Richard Branson

I get asked on a regular basis, why I admire Sir Richard Branson. Some people are often really surprised when they hear that, for a girl who doesn’t ‘idolize’ people per se, I would consider the word ‘idol’ in a sentence with his name. I don’t get it though, I mean I know why I think he’s amazing.

This was more than evident, recently, when I attended the Women’s Conference, sponsored by Lean Cuisine, in Long Beach, California where I was afforded the opportunity to meet him. (I dieee! 🙂 ) The questions from good friends and even family members came in more mass than before. Even complete strangers asked me about it.

The funniest question I’ve gotten, in reference to my fascination and utter admiration, was, “OMG, do you like, like him?”

Quite frankly the answer to that one is, “NO.” Sorry, he’s old enough to be my daddy and I’m not all about the whole older man sugar daddy thing. So the whole laws of physical attraction thing? You won’t find that here.

So why in the world was I so excited to go to a women’s conference to see a man? What would possess me to own all of his books and treat them as a sort of business bible on life?

Well, here you go [Read more…]

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