Prabal Gurung Meets MAC Cosmetics


The wait is over!

The incredible fashion designer, Prabal Gurung, known for high glamour and modern luxury, has parted with MAC Cosmetics for a TO VIE FOR collaboration.

As a huge fan of Gurung, this is pure genius! [Read more…]

What Does Facebook Timeline Mean for Brand Marketers?

In the eight years since its inception, Facebook, the brainchild of Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin, has had its fair share of rollercoaster ups and downs through planning, legal battles, and the evolution of the social network.

However, both everyday and professional users of the tool have also had come along on for the bumpy ride, as they strive to keep up with Facebook’s ever-changing list of features.

The most prevalent change in recent months comes in the form of the new Timeline, which is something akin to Don Draper’s Kodak carousel for the 21st-century.

Timeline is the history [Read more…]

LatAm Digital: The Rise and Fall of Public Relations in Brazil

Image via WeHeartIt

By: Alice Bonasio, guest blogger

With every brand becoming aware that customers demand close, digitally-mediated interactions, digital public relations is in high demand.

But what are the secrets of making it work for you?

We take a look at Brazil – a country which is experiencing an amazing rate of growth in all things digital – for some answers.

Digital PR is a new area in Marketing and Public Relations that is fast becoming an essential tool in the kit of most companies, but in markets such as Brazil – where the astronomical growth of the Internet and Social Network usage is fueling the demand for this type of interaction – the effects are being keenly felt.

In a recent blog for Brazilian site Tempos & Movimentos, Francisco de Carvalho, President of the Brazilian arm of PR giant Burson-Marsteller, said they experienced [Read more…]

Dior Suspends Galliano, is AW 2011 Next?

By: Kelly Ahern, guest blogger

As rumors circulate and press intensifies, John Galliano’s Thursday night arrest continues to send shockwaves through the fashion industry.

Upon hearing the allegations that Galliano reportedly assaulted and made anti-Semitic comments toward a Parisian couple, he was suspended from his professional role within the House of Dior.

“The House of Dior declares with the greatest firmness its policy of zero tolerance with regard to any anti-Semitic or racist statement or attitude,” Dior Chief Executive, Sidney Toledano, said in a recent statement.

“Pending the outcome of the inquiry, Christian Dior has suspended John Galliano from all duties,” Toledano later explained.

As with every story there are two sides [Read more…]

Social Media & Public Relations: A Delectable Tango

UNESCO's 2009 Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity

Opinion: the public has it, social media states it, public relations works with it and propaganda spins it.

Acknowledged, not only do people have opinions, but with the advancements of technology and the emergence of social media, they can and will share it.

Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed, Orkut, FlickR, YouTube, USTREAM, LinkedIN, Yelp, Viemo, Posterous, TumblR… [Read more…]

MAD WOMEN: PR Is Not Publicity

MAD WOMEN logo/name/likeness by Sasha H. Muradali. 2009 All Rights Reserved.

By: Gini Dietrich, guest blogger

Like Sasha Muradali, I am a huge Mad Men fan.

I love the storyline, the characters, the old days of advertising, the three martini lunches, and the clothes…oh the clothes!

While, I love the series, the first episode of this season really rubbed me the wrong way.

{Spoiler alert: If you’re not yet watching season four, stop reading now!}

If you are, however, caught up and saw the first show of this season, you’ll remember Pete fretting to Peggy about losing the Sugarberry Ham account. [Read more…]

TV’s Portrayal of PR Women is Detrimental to the Profession’s Future

When entertainment skews reality and falsifies the rational perceptions of the real world, Houston, we have a problem.

That is what television’s portrayal of women in public relations is to today’s up-and-coming young women.

I would know I’m one of them. [Read more…]

{Rules of PR no. 40} Make Up You Mind AND Keep Your Damn Mouth Shut

No good deed goes unpunished.

In You’re Welcome, You Bastards, Michael Arrington, the founder of Tech Crunch, knows this well. The article describes a public relations wreckage of an event he experienced with FORTUNE magazine over the upcoming publications of, columnist David Kirkpatrick’s, The Facebook Effect: the Inside Story of the Company That Is Connecting the World.

A long story short, a representative from FORTUNE’s public relations department contacted Arrington about publishing a “exclusive excerpt of David Kirkpatrick’s book on Facebook.”

Hi Michael, I hope you’re doing well. I work with FORTUNE’s PR group and I’d love to chat with you about FORTUNE’s exclusive excerpt of David Kirkpatrick’s book on Facebook, which I’d love to offer for tomorrow. Please let me know the best number to reach you.

Hi Michael, thanks again for taking the time to chat with me and agreeing to the exclusive post tomorrow on the book excerpts. Both the excerpts are attached. As for the timing, the EMBARGO is until 8am, that’s when the stories will be live on Below are the links, so you can include them in the story. Again, you’re set to post as soon as our story goes live and in the first line or two, note that the story stems from an exclusive excerpt in FORTUNE of David Kirkpatrick’s new book The Facebook Effect.

Main story:

Bonus excerpt:

And if you don’t mind, once you’ve read the excerpts, please let me know if you choose not to post on one and not the other or both, which of course we would love. And please let me know if you have other questions or need additional information. Below is the link to David’s page on and the hardcover date is set for June 10th. Again, thank you so much for working with us on this and I hope you’ll find the information as interesting as we did. And best of luck with your new home.

Sounds fair enough, right?

No, wrong. What followed in the 48-hours after that initial e-mail was a string of absurdity. [Read more…]

DVD, Blu-Ray, Avatar, Blu-Ray, DVD, Avatar… *squeee*

Yes, yes, I know. It’s not a surprise I’m a huge Avatar fan, nor is  it a shocker I was a wee bit cranky after the Oscars 2010, and it probably shouldn’t be a major “oh no she didn’t” that I’m totally psyched because… [Read more…]

Why SPINdustry Is Not PR & Wrongly Portrays the Industry #fail

****** UPDATE: Monday February 22, 2010

I had an interesting conversation with Mr. Cheban & Mr. Huck in this order…

Read for yourselves. It was unsolicited, as I never contacted them directly, until I replied to a person who tweeted me including Mr. Cheban and Mr. Huck into my tweet.

Also, I’d like to mention some things since this is apparently now a topic of conversation: I know the show is for entertainment, but I don’t appreciate how it makes my industry, my degree and the field I work in look to people on the ‘outside.’ Nor do I appreciate how it makes women in public relations appear to be nothing more than far lesser versions of poor Samantha Jones-types from ‘Sex & the City’ with the brains of a Karen Smith from ‘Mean Girls.’



>>>>> Original post continued below…… <<<<<

Image Belongs to SugarFactory.

You need ‘experience’ to pass out bottles of water, short black mini-skirts topped off with neon pink jackets, the keen ability to know not to put mustard in your boss’ sandwich and 4-inch stilettos to work in public relations…that is according to the ghastly new E! reality television show SPINdustry produced by Kim Kardashian. [Read more…]

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