{Bookworm} The Old Rules of Marketing are Dead

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Timothy R. Pearson, April, 2011; Hardcover, $25.00; 256 pages; Published by McGraw Hill

By: Maria Lago, guest blogger

{so·cial me·di·a} is media designed to be disseminated through social interaction, created using highly accessible and scalable publishing techniques.

Not too long ago there was no such thing as Social Media Marketing, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or any others you can think of.

My first year in college was the fall of the year 2000 at St. John’s University where I eventually declared my major to be in Communication Arts.

Ironically at the beginning of my journey, the only communication I was doing was either in person or through my dorm room land line.

The biggest thing happening online was AIM and instead of updating my status, I was leaving away messages.

I didn’t have a cell phone yet, nor did any of my ‘suite-mates’ as we called our roommates who shared our suite-style dorm. [Read more…]

TV’s Portrayal of PR Women is Detrimental to the Profession’s Future

When entertainment skews reality and falsifies the rational perceptions of the real world, Houston, we have a problem.

That is what television’s portrayal of women in public relations is to today’s up-and-coming young women.

I would know I’m one of them. [Read more…]

{Rules of PR no. 23} It’s Not What You Say, It’s How You Say It

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My dad has been telling me since I was a little girl, “it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.”

Funny, we don’t think about things like that when our blood is boiling and we’re so salty that a singular, open flesh wound will bring on the burn.

Last week Thursday, September 17, Ben Garrett, a PRSA member posted an article on the PRSA blog, ComPRehension, Status Update: Millennial Staffers Can Update Your Social Media Plans where he, in a nutshell, said that social media is tool for “testing things out” and made it seem as if Gen-Y staffers a) weren’t very bright and b) trust-worthy.

With statements like:

“A good starting point is to task new professionals with building up senior staffers’ profiles and networks on the organization’s social networking accounts.”

“Senior professionals who (ahem) remember mimeographs and Betamax are probably less savvy in the social media space. Tapping on these new professionals may seem like a gamble. You don’t want them speaking to clients, let alone producing messaging.”

… I was [Read more…]

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