Have you ‘Heard’ about the new GUESS Girl?


By: Maria Lago, guest blogger

What’s better than being a Bond Girl? GUESS? No, really that’s just it… Better to be a GUESS Girl!

If you’re an upcoming actress or model your one-way ticket to super-stardom is being chosen for one of the sexiest opportunities in print ad campaigns out there.

The annual GUESS ad campaign [Read more…]

{iStyle} Supermodel-Turned-Filmmaker Exposes Modeling Industry

Their lives appear flawless—surrounded by glamour and hot couture.

Whether it’s jetting to Paris for a show or posing for an editorial in Milan the lifestyle of a high-fashion model can seem exciting.

But what happens when the flashbulbs cease and the runway is no more?

Over the course of five years, Sara Ziff [Read more…]

{iStyle} First-Ever Plus-Size Runway Show Debuts at NYFW 2010

By: Kelly Ahern, guest blogger

You do not have to be stick thin and epically proportioned to love fashion– so why does that seem to be a prerequisite to market it?

Whether it is working the catwalk, posing in an editorial or flaunting the latest trends across strategically placed billboards, models make their presence known.

Each entices the viewer to take a closer look at the brand they are representing, and inevitably are used to spark a connection and build relationships with the consumer.

Why then do they tend to represent an insignificant percentage of style connoisseurs? [Read more…]

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