Review of the Nokia n900 Mobile Computing Device

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By: Billy Garcia, guest blogger

I received my brand new Nokia n900 on November 25th (pre-ordered on September 13th) and have been using it daily ever since.  I have also previously owned and still use the Nokia n810 internet tablet (no phone function), which I ended up using mostly as a GPS device and to make Skype calls.

I believe that a distinction needs to be made on what type of device the n900 actually is. I would prefer to refer to it as a “Mobile Computing Device” that is also quad band GSM and 3G capable cell phone. It literally is a desktop computer in the palm of your hand. I don’t agree with comparisons made with other types of carrier based phone devices, which I will explain later. A better comparison may be made with the Apple iPhone 3GS. See this article

Before actually receiving the n900 I thought it would be rather bulky and cumbersome to carry around because of the slide out keyboard. It’s about the same size as the iPhone but a little thicker. But after having had it and using for a week it’s not as big or bulky as I first imagined, so that’s a plus.

As I said earlier this is a “Mobile Computing Device” and has what I would call three operating contexts or modes of use. They are “Application Mode”, “Dashboard Mode” and “Desktop Mode”.

Each mode or context can be accessed [Read more…]

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