MUST HAVES: Guide to Perfectly Primping for the Holiday Season

Trina Turk's Braden Vest with simple white t-shirt from The Gap and Kooba bag

So I don’t know about you — but the holiday season can be rather stressful.

It’s fun, and my favourite time of the year, but seriously?

All the preparations, all the “I don’t know what to wear,” “Crap, I already wore that,” “My head hurts,” “My mascara isn’t going on straight,” “Manicure. Like. Right. Now.” “I broke a nail,” “Who plans a holiday happy hour at 5 p.m.? Some of us work,” “Ugh, they will be there? I don’t want to go anymore, must I?” — Yes, all of that. We’ve all been there. Done. That.

Now here’s how to amend the feelings… just a tad.

From moi to você, a guide of must own items to transition from winter to spring to summer to autumn and back again, setting the right moods and surviving aside from ample amount of Advil and other things…

Enjoy 🙂 [Read more…]

Straight Up! Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul and the American X-Factor #idol

via Routed

It’s no surprise that Simon Cowell is leaving American Idol. It was announced a VERY long time ago that he was eventually going to bow out of his creation.

So when the news broke that the Spring 2010 season was going to be his last (on Monday January 11, 2010), I couldn’t help but feel rather stunned by people pouring over the news as if it was some sort of tremendous earth-shattering quake come to kill us all.

Seriously, folks?

Back in August 2009, I said that Idol would fail without Paula Abdul. While, people would still tune it, it wouldn’t be the same. Heck [Read more…]

Blake: A Social Media Musical Revolution

By: Sarah Fahey, guest blogger

Dashing good looks, manners, charm, wit and a huge amount of talent… oh! and let’s not forget a Classical Brit Award for their debut album!

Blake, a classical crossover group, comprising of Stephen Bowman, Jules Knight, Dominic Tighe and Ollie Baines, first appeared on the scene in 2007 after forming on Facebook.

Whoa. Social media in action, anyone?

Initially compared to G4 and Il Divo, but soon growing into their own for their unique style of harmonies, Blake take well-known classical and pop songs, and together with their Musical Director, Mark Williams, create arrangements which are truly breathtaking.

In early 2009, Dominic Tighe left the group to return to an acting career. The others, still wanting to continue with their music, recruited new member Humphrey Berney using an appeal on Twitter. [Read more…]

Music Monday – Requiem and the Ice Queen

Have you heard Pandora online radio?

Well it’s an incredible social media, live, streaming, Internet radio station. One of the best things about Pandora is that you tell it what you like, and it really is pretty accurate in figuring out what else you could be into. [Read more…]

Music Monday – An Evening With Il Divo

Friday night, June 26, I had the pleasure of seeing An Evening With Il Divo and it was brilliant.

Consisting of [Read more…]

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