Shoe Wars: Christian Louboutin vs. Yves Saint Laurent


By: Maria Lago, guest blogger

Christian Louboutin and Yves Saint Laurent are two brands synonymous with luxury.

Both are fabulous in their own right and very coveted by women all over the world including the most famous of celebrities.

So why would YSL blatantly take Christian Louboutin‘s signature red sole and put it on their shoes?

In my opinion, if YSL was trying to take on the genious of the red sole and apply it to their line, maybe a good suggestion could be a different color?

Yves Saint Laurent has already dabbled with this idea using the very vibrant color yellow and I like it!

It definitely gives the shoe a certain trendy style that resembles that of Christian Louboutin’s signature look. [Read more…]

{iStyle} Tips and Tricks for PERFECT Sex and the City Hair [Giveaway]

By: Sherri Jessee, guest blogger

The ladies of Sex & the City are known for their unique, trendy and exclusive fashion sense. But with good clothes, shoes and makeup, must come good hair.

Each of these ladies had many wardrobe changes during the filming of the much anticipated Sex & the City 2, however, one theme remains the same: their hair reflects their individual personalities!

Having [Read more…]

{iStyle} Fashion and the City: The Best and Worst of Carrie’s Wardrobe

Image via InStyle

By: Louise Whitehill, guest blogger

If there’s one thing that springs to mind when you mention Sex and the City, it’s fashion. Over the top, completely indulgent, fabulous fashion.

Over six seasons and two movies, the show has had a mega influence on style. It’s had us all drooling in envy for must haves like Manolo Blahnik stilettos, the Hermes Birkin bag (remember when Samantha used Lucy Liu’s name to get on top of the waiting list?), the iconic name necklace and huge flower accessories.

Sex and the City 2, the sequel we never believed was coming, premieres next week.

In honour of the release, let’s look back at [Read more…]

Ageism Photoshopped to Death: More “Sex and the City 2” Promo Images

Dudes and dudettes, seriously W.T.F.

Is there not one, single Sex & the City 2 movie poster or promotional image out there that hasn’t been Photoshopped beyond recognition?

At least with the first film (above), there was some sort of continuity with the brand, the women and well pink. Now [Read more…]

Too Carried Away in Another Sex & the City 2 Photoshop Disaster

second poster

Lots of women across the United States are getting geared up to get “Carried Away” this summer with the release of the HBO franchise, Sex & the City, in the second film installment of the popular television show.

Well, it seems like the graphic design team got carried away too because the third poster stinks as much as the first one did in some not so smart photoshopping. I’m sorry, but I don’t think Adobe ever intended Photoshop to be used in such a deplorable fashion.

It’s no secret, that [Read more…]

Bad PR: Sex & The City 2 Official Trailer & The Poster Stinks

Carrie On or Get Carried Away…again. Whatever. All the new promo stuff for Sex & the City has me in a foul mood because it’s so bad.

Right, so, I hate the new promo poster with Sarah Jessica Parker behind what seems like a bunch of ghetto reflects & her bug eye shades. It’s gross and so not SATC. What could have been really cool, looks really lame. [Read more…]

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