{Rules of PR no. 39} 6 Ways Social Media IS a Lifestyle

via Francisco Caceres for TIME

Social Media is a lifestyle, not a campaign.

Or is it?

Does social media mean that all you do all day long is play on Facebook and Twitter?

Well, if it does, I guess that means myself and a couple other hundred people are out of a job, Mashable’s Pete Cashmore knows nothing and Tech Crunch needs to find some other topic to take up a third of its subject matter.

Social media is a way of thinking:

be open, be smart, be aware, make strategic decisions and engage.

Does that not sound like a great mantra for life and business? [Read more…]

5 Reasons E-Mail Isn’t Dead

Image via WeHeartIt.com

E-mail isn’t dead because the Facebook hasn’t killed it yet and that’s the truth of the matter.

I don’t get [Read more…]

{Heal the World} Social Media lessons, #12for12K and a little 501c3 action (updated)

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Is it me or has the communications world gone bonkers in the past two weeks? First PRSA last week, then Aunty B & the Gen-Y coffee issue this week and now another communications professional taking to her blog to call out a peer about his social media non-profit project?

Am I missing something here?

In a post that went up on Monday, Barbara Talisman questioned the legitimacy of a decently well-known, online charitable brand called 12For12K. Started by Danny Brown, the organization’s main goals are to raise $12,000 dollars per organization per month and also raise awareness for each of these causes using social media. [Read more…]

The Apocalypse: Facebook launches @ replies and TwitFace

Image via New York Magazine.

The Facebook @ replies are up and running. Can you taste the Twitter envy coming from the white and blue land? There are some mad green eyes coming from Mark Zuck. and his gang for as we’ve seen over the past few weeks , Facebook is getting a makeover… [Read more…]

I am the Internet: Are you a Dependent?

via the Examiner.com

When Twitter broke a few weeks ago, I thought I thought I would cry. Then it nearly took Facebook with it and I was like, seriously? C’mon now…

The need, want and yearning I had once felt was gone. BAM!

Well, the mother of all things happened last week – Gmail went down.

Google, the mothership, went down.


How could you do this to me?!

*one sentence rant over*

But yes, my friends, how dependent are we on the Internet? [Read more…]

Facebook killed the MySpace star and now it’s after the Tweeple

{CLICK for musica – Facebook killed the MySpace star and now it’s after the Tweeple} 

Keep your friends close and your enemies on limited profile because Facebook sets motion to the death of Twitter….but Twitter isn’t dead, thank goodness, yet!

It’s okay to link your Facebook page to your Twitter account, but not the other way around.

I used to be an advocate of the “#fb” Selective Twitter Status application on Facebook which links my Twitter to my Facebook. Then the dumb application stopped working and after I tried about four times to contact the guy who created it with no such luck – I gave up.

And like I told @SteffanAntonas in a very thought provoking discussion about target audiences, after reading, “Status Culture – Public vs Private and Why It Matters,” I’m very glad.

My Selective Twitter breaking is probably the best thing to happen because [Read more…]

Writing with Writer’s Block

Image via WeHeartIt.

If you couldn’t guess already, I’m writing this post with writer’s block. It’s way past my bedtime, but that’s the life you lead when you are dedicated to something and you love it. Well, that’s me and the Pink Book.  But like you – I get writer’s block and I’m not going to lie about it – it sucks…majorly.

I don’t know about you but I love to write, but I absolutely hate it, and get so irritated with myself, when this happens to me. You sit down, you know what you want to say, but the words just don’t come out.

If you’re in PR, journalism, literature, [Read more…]

Gen-Y & the Social Media Revolution

UPDATE: July 13, 2010
With the 2010 version of the Social Media Revolution video


From a Gen-Y, to the non-Millennial population I present you with:-

The Social Media Revolution

You’ve met them, I have too, and they are social media skeptics.

They are the people who think it’s a fad that a bunch of Gen-Y came up with to mindlessly control the rest of the population feeding into their lustful demands of the “right now.”

It’s funny though isn’t it that 250 million people are on Facebook and at least 120 million of them [Read more…]

War of Social Media: Twitter v Facebook

The Facebook is either the most brilliant platform in social media right now, or it’s the most desperate.

From the Twitter buy that never happened, to the FriendFeed one that did; Facebook is on a hunt. But it’s not a hunt for domination, that’s a title they already hold. No, it would seem Facebook is on the hunt for something a little bit more…

Welcome to the social media civil war.

The battle ground is this way, may I direct your attention to the Big Two and their weapons of choice [Read more…]

Facebook and FriendFeed made a baby…

So following the humpty-Twittery that fell down on the wall and broke with a fall – Facebook bought FriendFeed for a reported cool $50m yesterday. That’s the big news of this week anyway. That is unless someone springs on me tomorrow that Apple bought out Mashable, “Appable,” and Twitter merged with Skype, “Twype.” But for now it’s only this new “FeedFace” creation (haha, you like that, I know you do!)

The thing is, considering I’m in a Brave New World kinda mood today, instead of pollinating the little outlets, it seems like the big bees are swallowing them whole.

Get your minds out of the gutter! I didn’t mean it like that…. [Read more…]

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