NEW Layout! “Twitter: Discover What’s New In Your World”

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September 14, 2010 marked a very important announcement from social media platform-heavyweight, Twitter: they are changing their layout.

This is a huge deal because it’s the first time [Read more…]

I am the Internet: Are you a Dependent?

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When Twitter broke a few weeks ago, I thought I thought I would cry. Then it nearly took Facebook with it and I was like, seriously? C’mon now…

The need, want and yearning I had once felt was gone. BAM!

Well, the mother of all things happened last week – Gmail went down.

Google, the mothership, went down.


How could you do this to me?!

*one sentence rant over*

But yes, my friends, how dependent are we on the Internet? [Read more…]

Gen-Y & the Social Media Revolution

UPDATE: July 13, 2010
With the 2010 version of the Social Media Revolution video


From a Gen-Y, to the non-Millennial population I present you with:-

The Social Media Revolution

You’ve met them, I have too, and they are social media skeptics.

They are the people who think it’s a fad that a bunch of Gen-Y came up with to mindlessly control the rest of the population feeding into their lustful demands of the “right now.”

It’s funny though isn’t it that 250 million people are on Facebook and at least 120 million of them [Read more…]

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