Magnum Ice Cream debuts in the US with Rachel Bilson & Karl Lagerfeld On Board


Original Magnum Girl

by Maria Lago, guest blogger

Growing up in Spain I have been no stranger to Magnum Ice Cream.

It’s a favorite among a lot of classics in Europe and the one ice cream brand that always had an intense marketing presence internationally.

As a kid, I never realized, but as I got older I noticed the Magnum Ice Cream posters at the airports, pubs, malls and such were actually pretty racy and depicted quite a sexiness about them.

Even though it’s only ice cream, the campaigns have always been very sexual.

I suppose internationally that isn’t a problem [Read more…]

Polish Model Photoshopped to Look…FATTER?

Well, this isn’t something you hear about everyday.

Well, it’s something you never hear about, period.

The UK’s Daily Mail is reporting that Polish model, Kamilla Wladyka has been airbrushed to look HEAVIER on the cover of April’s “Healthy Magazine.” The magazine [Read more…]

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