{Bookworm Review} Not That Kind of Girl

Image by Sasha H. Muradali. All Rights Reserved 2009.

By: Jenn Ortiz, guest blogger

When the idea of reviewing books first came up at Little Pink Book, Sasha and I were figuring out what books we’d want to start with. Looking through upcoming books, I took a great interest in a book called Not That Kind of Girl. “OMG! I want it. This book looks great!”, I gushed to Sasha. Hello! The author went to religious schools and writes about her love of books, struggles with being a good girl, and men in her memoir? Been there, lived that. You bet I was digging it. A few days later, the book was in hand, and I excitedly began to read the book I had been so stoked about reviewing. [Read more…]

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