Toy Story 3’s Vintage ADs and Ken Dishes Dating Tips Before Dating Barbie

Disney and Pixar are fantastic at what they do. They understand the concept of working with that have to make things not just good, but great.

Before Toy Story 3 hit cinemas on June 18, 2010, Pixar prepared with a few things: fake retro-style Lots-o’-Huggin’ Bear commercials (supposedly from 1983), promotional tweets on Twitter and dating tips from Ken…before he met Barbie.

On top of that, the Pixar commercials [Read more…]

To Infinity & Beyond: Toy Story 3 Trailer leaked

It’s probably the most anticipated film for children and adults alike (who were kiddies when part one was released in 1995 — yes, that’s over ten years ago) for 2010:  Toy Story 3.

The trailer is out, and you can see it below:

  • Andy’s off to college
  • “No Toy Gets Left Behind”
  • A Spanish/Flamenco-esque Buzz Lightyear
  • Some kiddie slobber
  • Potato-Head parts…yea…
  • and some boogies

How long before a Disney #Fail happens and they take it off of YouTube?…well, I don’t know. But watch it while it lasts and enjoy 🙂

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