Starwood’s Luxury Collection Channels Emotional Approach to ADs

Contrary to current state of the economy, the Luxury Collection, an upper-market brand of Starwood Hotels & Resorts, is in the process of updating their advertising to lure new guests.

Sitting alongside sister campaigns for the Westin and the Sheraton, created internally, the new print and online campaign is about life:

“Life is a collection of experiences. Let us be your guide.” [Read more…]

Re-Rediscover: Sheraton Launches $20m “Meet You There” Campaign

From iPads to iPhones, the hospitality industry is going mobile creating innovative ways to cater to their guests both online and off.

On the heels of a gigantic $6 billion dollar campaign to re-brand its Sheraton hotel, Starwood Hotels & Resorts released the details and adverts for it’s new $20 million campaign, “Meet You There,” a big change from its previous, “Rediscovering Sheraton.”

With high hopes to bring in a lot more revenue, the 74-year old business is nurturing and leveraging the sense of community it believes its guests feel, and should feel, when they book [Read more…]

Bartle Bogle Hegarty Creates Wellness for Starwood’s Westin Hotels

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At $30 million in spare change Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide’ Westin brand hired advertising heavyweights Bartle Bogle Hegarty (B.B.H.) to redefine traditional hotel advertising with the innovative, “For a Better You” campaign.

This marks the Westin brand’s first new ad campaign to debut in more than five years.
[Read more…]

{iStyle} Old Navy Launches First-Ever Male-Specific AD Campaign

The times, they are a changing.

Old Navy – the budget-friendly, family-focused mega retailer – has gone against the grain and launched their first-ever advertising campaign specifically targeting men. [Read more…]

LatAm Digital: The Rise and Fall of Public Relations in Brazil

Image via WeHeartIt

By: Alice Bonasio, guest blogger

With every brand becoming aware that customers demand close, digitally-mediated interactions, digital public relations is in high demand.

But what are the secrets of making it work for you?

We take a look at Brazil – a country which is experiencing an amazing rate of growth in all things digital – for some answers.

Digital PR is a new area in Marketing and Public Relations that is fast becoming an essential tool in the kit of most companies, but in markets such as Brazil – where the astronomical growth of the Internet and Social Network usage is fueling the demand for this type of interaction – the effects are being keenly felt.

In a recent blog for Brazilian site Tempos & Movimentos, Francisco de Carvalho, President of the Brazilian arm of PR giant Burson-Marsteller, said they experienced [Read more…]

Sex and the City, Kotex and the Reinvention of a Brand

image via AdAge

By: Lindsay McHugh, guest blogger

What do Sex and the City and Kotex have in common?

Emmy-winning and Oscar-nomiated fashion designer, Patricia Field.

Kotex has been through a bit of rebranding in the past year after survey results found that women were tired of the institutional experience of pads.

Ditching the stereotypical white and sterile product packaging, Kotex opted in favor of more bold colors and sleek black casing.

The new packaging has separated Kotex from the competition, and their latest contest is set to do the same.

Ban the Bland [Read more…]

A Mobile State of Mind

Image via WeHeartIt

By: Lindsay McHugh, guest blogger

Mobile marketing is the new black – and with good reason.

No longer is our attention glued to the TV screen or restricted by the mobility of a computer.

A recent infographic, courtesy of Microsoft Tag, has revealed that currently 86% of mobile internet users are on their phones while watching TV, and by 2014, mobile internet will overtake desktop access. [Read more…]

Lost in Translation: MTV’s Skins v the USA

As with Being Human and Coupling, Skins is just another British import our American-television industry has butchered, skinned (no pun intended) and watered-down into fizzled-blah. Yes, I know fizzled-blah isn’t a term, but it works.

The premiere of the US version was Monday January 17, 2011 on MTV and was met with no shortage of critics, naysayers and fans.

Much of which is still vastly apparent a week later, as the Parents Television Council continues to push [Read more…]

Gucci F/W 2010 Campaign: Desert Hot

By: Kelly Ahern, guest blogger

Any fashion admirer can tell you about Tom Ford’s dramatic transformation of the Gucci Group. His ability to turn the nearly bankrupt fashion house into a multi-billion dollar superpower in just years is not just incredible it is almost unfathomable. [Read more…]

Fashion Goes Viral with Integrated-Marketing Campaigns

By: Kelly Ahern, guest blogger

As summer nears its end the same thing is on every fashionista’s mind—a new wardrobe.

With the change of seasons comes the need to de-clutter one’s closet and make way for the freshest fall fashions. But what is it exactly that grabs our attention in this dire time of need?

One word: advertising.

It seems like the Fall 2010 season is [Read more…]

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