Follow-up on Post-911 Racist America: My Name is Khan trailer released

My Name is Khan movie post: Shah Rukh Khan & Kajol

“More Than Just a Name.”

In August 2009, I blogged about Bollywood super legend Shah Rukh Khan being wrongfully detained in Newark Airport on the heels of filming My Name is Khan:-

Ironically, “My Name is Khan” is the name of an upcoming Shah Rukh Khan film that tells the story of an innocent Muslim’s experience being mistakenly identified as a terrorist in the United States in the wake of 9/11. Khan will play a man with Asperger syndrome, which makes his behavior erratic. The fictional Khan of the film, sets out on a trip to find President Obama to persuade him that he is not a terrorist. The film has been picked up by American film company Fox Searchlight for international distribution after its release in 2010.

Detained by ignorance and a large set of misgivings it was a diplomacy and public relations nightmare.

But, less than six months later, Fox Searchlight released the trailer and you can see it below [Read more…]

Yes, we still live in a post-911 racist America

My Name is Khan movie post: Shah Rukh Khan & Kajol

I saw the news and I had flashbacks to hearing Rizwan Ahmed aka Riz MC dropping beats at the London Mela in 2006 and rapping to his latest track: the satire and controversial infested “9-11 Blues.”

So with hate groups on the rise and President Obama being forced to drive The Beast, we haven’t really moved past the post-9/11 state of racism in this country, have we? Furthermore, our President is the most protected President in American history and I know some people who are more concerned about his safety than whether he’ll do his job.

If he’s assassinated, like John F. Kennedy, he can’t do what we want, now can he?

So this brings me full circle to the issue of Bollywood super legend Shah Rukh Khan being detained Saturday at the airport in Newark, New Jersey.

In a state where the vast majority of the minority are South Asian people, where people from India and Pakistan were vouching for the man, a man that some worship as a God, you mean to tell me, Homeland Security and the Transportation Security Administration had NO idea what was going on? [Read more…]

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