{Rules of PR no. 42} #AskELJames’ Inner Goddess Is Not A Happy Lip-Biter

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that common sense is not so common.

It’s been nearly four-years since I wrote a {Rules of PR} blog post and I do think today’s #AskELJames Twitter party warrants taking this topic out of retirement.

My inner goddess agrees.

But, where do I even start?

Decisions, decisions, decisions… [Read more…]

{Rules of PR no. 41} He Said What?! LVMH, Hermès and the “Rape”

Image via Hermes

Media training is important.

But, for some reason, people in the C-Suite, alongside their “yes-men” neglect to perform and practice with due diligence this important, reputation saving task.

A common misconception is that if the person is smart, savvy and exceptionally keen at what they do, they would be able to handle the media as well.

Major public relations-no-no.

When was the last time your company and its key leaders went through some type of media training exercise? If you are unable to answer that question — then as The Donald says, “you’re fired!”

Well, no, not really.

But you could be if you were John Galliano, the ousted head of Creative from Christian Dior who got into hot water recently over anti-Semitic remarks.

Or you could be in hot water if your name is Patrick Thomas the CEO of Hermès, who has massive word vomit when it comes to French luxury giant Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton, when he likened LVMH’s buyout attempts of Hermès to “rape.”

Recently, in an interview conducted [Read more…]

{Rules of PR no. 40} Make Up You Mind AND Keep Your Damn Mouth Shut

No good deed goes unpunished.

In You’re Welcome, You Bastards, Michael Arrington, the founder of Tech Crunch, knows this well. The article describes a public relations wreckage of an event he experienced with FORTUNE magazine over the upcoming publications of, columnist David Kirkpatrick’s, The Facebook Effect: the Inside Story of the Company That Is Connecting the World.

A long story short, a representative from FORTUNE’s public relations department contacted Arrington about publishing a “exclusive excerpt of David Kirkpatrick’s book on Facebook.”

Hi Michael, I hope you’re doing well. I work with FORTUNE’s PR group and I’d love to chat with you about FORTUNE’s exclusive excerpt of David Kirkpatrick’s book on Facebook, which I’d love to offer for tomorrow. Please let me know the best number to reach you.

Hi Michael, thanks again for taking the time to chat with me and agreeing to the exclusive post tomorrow on the book excerpts. Both the excerpts are attached. As for the timing, the EMBARGO is until 8am, that’s when the stories will be live on FORTUNE.com. Below are the links, so you can include them in the story. Again, you’re set to post as soon as our story goes live and in the first line or two, note that the story stems from an exclusive excerpt in FORTUNE of David Kirkpatrick’s new book The Facebook Effect.

Main story: http://money.cnn.com/2010/05/06/technology/facebook_excerpt.fortune/index.htm

Bonus excerpt: http://money.cnn.com/2010/05/06/technology/facebook_excerpt_early.fortune/index.htm

And if you don’t mind, once you’ve read the excerpts, please let me know if you choose not to post on one and not the other or both, which of course we would love. And please let me know if you have other questions or need additional information. Below is the link to David’s page on Amazon.com and the hardcover date is set for June 10th. Again, thank you so much for working with us on this and I hope you’ll find the information as interesting as we did. And best of luck with your new home.

Sounds fair enough, right?

No, wrong. What followed in the 48-hours after that initial e-mail was a string of absurdity. [Read more…]

{Rules of PR no. 39} 6 Ways Social Media IS a Lifestyle

via Francisco Caceres for TIME

Social Media is a lifestyle, not a campaign.

Or is it?

Does social media mean that all you do all day long is play on Facebook and Twitter?

Well, if it does, I guess that means myself and a couple other hundred people are out of a job, Mashable’s Pete Cashmore knows nothing and Tech Crunch needs to find some other topic to take up a third of its subject matter.

Social media is a way of thinking:

be open, be smart, be aware, make strategic decisions and engage.

Does that not sound like a great mantra for life and business? [Read more…]

{Rules of PR no.38 } EGO: Be Careful What You Wish For #doctorwho #branding

The Doctor has returned to the TARDIS with some alien looking Aliens, a ginger and an appetite for custard.

In December 2009, I wrote Time Lord Victorious to 11th Doctor Who: Is Tennant Smart or Foolish? with curiosity looming high above me in Gallifrey proportions.

It’s been nearly four months and David Tennant [Read more…]

{Rules of PR no. 37} Taste and Tact: Being Fashionably Appropriate #Beyonce #Rihanna

Stevie Wonder

UPDATE: January 27, 2010 1:06 p.m.
Thanks to Kristina A. & Elizabeth R., for the New York Times article and NPR article that are exactly in line with what I wrote below, in case you also want to read similar articles.

Sometimes, I see things and I often wonder where the mindset of certain individuals are.

On Friday January 24, 2010 a multinetwork concert was aired called Hope for Haiti Now, in order to raise money for the victims of the earthquake that plagued the island nation two weeks prior.

Concerts like these are 50-50; you either support them or feel that they are major publicity stunts. But aside from that, it is my personal belief that there should be taste, respect and tact shown amongst those who choose to participate.

Not only [Read more…]

{Rules of PR no.36} PR Damage Control: Yele Haiti #WyclefJean [video]

In case you missed it, over the weekend Wyclef Jean spent his weekend defending himself and his foundation, Yele Haiti, via a YouTube video in response to critics alleging that Yele Haiti has administrative expenses that exceed those of most other charities.

Between reports in the Washington Post and the reports made by the Smoking Gun, Wyclef decided that his public needed to hear directly from him [Read more…]

{Rules of PR no.35} 5 Reasons Your Mailing Lists Suck

Amanda Seyfried as Karen Smith in 'Mean Girls.'

Have you ever attended a professional event as a member of the press, blogger, or writer of some kind and the means of communicating the event’s updates were sent to you via e-mail?

That’s all well and good, right? Except when the event was over, you found that some random public relations person had decided to throw you and your e-mail on to a new mailing list that covers ALL of their clients…because apparently they have like ESPN or something and assume you really want to write about all these random people.

As I said previously, oblivious mass e-mailing is wrong — well this offense is right up there with [Read more…]

{Rules of PR no.34 } The Thought That Counts, Requires THINKING

via WeHeartIt

“It’s the thought that counts” … yeah, right. It only counts if there was actual thinking put into said, ‘thought.’

So now that the holidays are over, I think it’s pretty safe to address that holiday topic and talk some down, dirty and real, everyday, normal life public relations. This is one of those things we all think about but no one ever verbalizes.

Has your birthday ever popped by, Christmas, Hanukkah — some sort of gift-receiving time — and you received a present that you were less than thrilled about? [Read more…]

Best of Little Pink Book 2009 with Top 10 to Follow in 2010

I started blogging on April 13, 2009 and I can’t tell you how grateful I am to all of the readers who continue to subscribe, tweet and interact with me daily concerning, my baby, my Little Pink Book.

When I started back in the Spring, I never imagined that in my first full month blogging (May 2009), I would reach 6,000 unique visitors that month.  Nor did I ever conceive, a few months later, that an average of 13,000 of you graciously amazing folks would come back for more, month after month on average to read about public relations, social media, fashion and some of my random rantings as a Gen-Y.

Believe me when I say, I am truly humbled and thankful to each and every one of you.

So without further ado — I give you the [Read more…]