Precious Stones: An Evening with Hilary Park

What do you get when you have a theoretical math major turned jewelry designer who has an affinity for the stars?


Hilary Park.

That’s who!

[Read more…]

Backstage at New York Fashion Week FW12: Style at Anna Sui

Technicolor cat-eyes are in!

At least they were at Anna Sui’s Fall/Winter 2012 show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

Pat McGrath dolled up the models in an azure blend backstage. [Read more…]

Spring 2012 Couture: Christian Dior [VIDEO]

Between the black crocodile patent scales and floral designs, the Spring 2012 Couture collection from Christian Dior is extremely [Read more…]

Pre-Fall 2012: Donna Karan

In typical Donna Karan fashion, pre-Fall means ‘back to work’ where the tribal, fun moods of Spring are out and menswear-inspired separates are in!

To say we are obsessed with this collection would be selling it short.

We think it’s gorgeous, so feminine, so grand, so… Donna.

The colour palette is [Read more…]

Pre-Fall 2012: Hervé Léger by Max Azria

shrunken suede moto jacket

Bandages and body-cons!

But you wouldn’t expect anything less from Hervé Léger by Max Azria who is keeping the bandage dress alive in all things body-con for another season with their pre-Fall 2012 collection.

Pre-Fall 2012 has a lot of exceptionally fitted [Read more…]

Little White Lies: Frozen Planet Fakery and the Fall of the BBC

By: Alice Bonasio

It is always sad when your heroes let you down, and this week one the people I most admire did just that: Sir David Attenborough.

When it emerged earlier in the week that certain scenes in the BBC’s latest wildlife documentary series Frozen Planet had been filmed in a zoo, I was truly shocked.

Not because they had used the footage of newly born Polar Bear cubs – which by any standards was amazing – but because they intercut it with scenes showing wild polar bears, with a narration that deliberately misled the viewer. [Read more…]

Technology and Apps: To Trust, That is the Question!

By: Alexandra Campuzano, guest blogger

Late last week I walked into Subway craving a tuna sub with all the toppings.

As I bee-lined way to the order counter, I noticed one of my co-workers at a table neglecting her BMT (rude!). She was preoccupied and her forehead had those ‘This does not look good’ wrinkles as she intently looked at her phone. I stopped by to say ‘hello’ and see if she was okay.

Turns out, she couldn’t find her debit card.

She’d looked everywhere.

Image via

So I asked her if she was Googling her banks number on her phone. [Read more…]

Making the Most of your LinkedIn: An Insider’s Tutorial – Part 2

LinkedIn Map 3

Here, as promised, is the second part of my tutorial on how to get the most out of your LinkedIn account, with a few more tips on what you can do: [Read more…]

Making the Most of your LinkedIn: An Insider’s Tutorial – Part 1

My LinkedIn Map

I have been a LinkedIn evangelist for quite a while now.

After a slow start where I left my profile unloved and untouched for almost a year, I came back to it about two years ago to find a dramatically improved site where searches went much more smoothly and came up with extremely relevant results most of the time.

The rapid growth of the network also meant that more of the people I was searching for were actually there to be found, and as Metcalfe’s law dictates, the value of any network increases exponentially according to the number of nodes (people) that belong to it.

With a lot of trial and error and several hundred hours spent on it, I have now explored a lot, if not most, of what LinkedIn has to offer, and it turns out to be a great deal. I now have well over 1000 direct connections in my network, which I’m told link me to well over 7 Million Professionals. [Read more…]

Credit Cards: the Rates, the Fees and the Balances

By: Joe Leck

Virtually, anyone who is anyone carries credit cards with them.

It is becoming more and more common that the majority of consumers who hold a credit card account, are also holding balances on those cards… and the balances are increasing!

This is a real problem since interest rates on credit cards are at a record high. [Read more…]

Have You Seen the Boardwalk Empire NYC Subway Train?

Have you seen the Boardwalk Empire subway train?

Because we haven’t and we really want too. :-( [Read more…]

NYFW Fashion’s Night Out 2011: Mulberry, A|X, L’Occitane, DvF, Vera Wang etc.

As a way to kick start the economy by encouraging people to start shopping and spending money again in 2009, Fashion’s Night Out has become a contemporary fashion tradition.

Co-hosted by Vogue, its sister publications and taking place in 27 cities around the United States and 15 countries around the world, 2011 marked the first time many of the events were live streamed on the Internet as well as having products available online. [Read more…]

Starwood’s Luxury Collection Channels Emotional Approach to ADs

Contrary to current state of the economy, the Luxury Collection, an upper-market brand of Starwood Hotels & Resorts, is in the process of updating their advertising to lure new guests.

Sitting alongside sister campaigns for the Westin and the Sheraton, created internally, the new print and online campaign is about life:

“Life is a collection of experiences. Let us be your guide.” [Read more…]

5 Tips to Giving a Great Print Media Interview

Image via WeHeartIt.

Like Marsha Friedman, I too, cringe a little bit when I hear people talk about (and lump) “the media” into one big, bad bundle.

Sometimes it makes the entire industry (television, radio, print, online, advertising, public relations) sound as if we’re all one big oiled machine where everyone walks, talks and acts the same.

When I visited New York City a few years ago, before I moved here, I was out with my cousin walking along Madison Avenue looking at all the tall buildings and smartly dressed folks.

That was the first time I had ever seen a Lexus, hybrid, yellow taxi. Yes, you heard right a LEXUS, HYBRID, YELLOW TAXI! They do exist. But that was also, when I told my cousin, “One day I’m going to work here.”

He laughed.

“What?” I asked.

“You’ll be one of them, then?” [Read more…]

David Attenborough and Living Coelho’s Personal Legend

David Attenborough - New Life Stories
This week I was lucky enough to meet (Sir) David Attenborough at a signing for his latest book, New Life Stories.

The book is a collection of stories collected over the past 50 years making iconic Natural History Programmes.

Even those who are unfamiliar with David Attenborough’s name will probably have seen his programs at some point. [Read more…]

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