Enter Legendary Bĭru with Sapporo Beer

“A modern beverage with a traditional Japanese heritage” is the way some would describe Sapporo Premium beer, the number one Asian-selling beer in the US.

Launched earlier this summer, the brand debuted a $2m consumer-focused AD campaign called “Legendary Bĭru” that is centered around showcasing the contemporary meets traditional:

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Dance More, Drink Slow: Heineken and Armin van Buuren Present ‘The Experiment’

Well, now, this is pretty cool!

Global beer giant Heineken has teamed up with EDM royalty Armin van Buuren to launch a global responsible drinking campaign called “Dance More, Drink Slow.”

Filmed at Mansion Nightclub in Miami, Florida, tied-in with DJ Armin van Buuren’s new music track, “Save My Night,” a short film was released on January 6 entitled “The Experiment,” to promote moderate drinking.

“Dance More, Drink Slow” documents a social experiment which covers [Read more…]

Experiential Goodness: Benefit Cosmetics Makeup Vending Machine!

Benefit Cosmetics Vending Machine at FLL Airport

On my way back to New York City from visiting my family in Florida, I was at FLL Airport waiting for my flight in departures when I spotted a big pink truck! [Read more…]

Rekorderlig Cider Makes it American Debut

Me at the Rekorderlig press dinner

America is about to get just that little more beautiful with the launch of Rekorderlig, the “Beautifully Swedish” cider that’s previously been a massive hit in both the UK and Australia.

This fall, the premium hard cider will be available in key on and off-premise locations in New York, New Jersey and Florida. [Read more…]

SS14: Osklen’s Gemstone Inspired Art

Ever since its US debut at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in September of 2012, Osklen by Oskar Metsavaht has brought trendy contemporary lines and chic sophistication onto the scene – his SS14 collection is no different.

Inspired by the cut, color, vibrancy and transparency of gemstones [Read more…]

No Friends of Mine: LEGO Goes Pink


Let’s start by making something very clear: I absolutely adore LEGO. Its concept, design, products and company philosophy are fantastic. My husband is a LEGO collector who owns every variation of Star Wars minifigure the company ever released and is known on Twitter as Lego Master. Last Saturday was spent in a rapturous build and endless admiration of the recently released Jabba’s Palace set, and this year we have decided that all our Christmas decorations will be made out of LEGO, including their wonderful Winter Village sets, which are still boxed and waiting for December the 1st when we buy the tree.

Nor, I hasten to add, do I have anything against the colour pink per se. Apart from the fact that it would be weird for me to write for the Little Pink Blog and be a voracious anti-pink feminist, I believe that colours in themselves are not inherently evil, and that women should wear pink and buy pink products if they feel like it.

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Queen Rania Talks Education and Innovation at the Clinton Global Initiative 2012


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Image via Queen Rania’s Facebook Page

“Technology is not only for the individual, it’s for humanity.”

I adore Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah.

Like my idol the late Princess Diana of Wales, Queen Rania sees beyond wealth, extravagance and the fact that she’s royalty.

She seeks to help those in need, strives for positive changes and believes that education, having heart and using the worlds assets can lead to a better, brighter and healthier tomorrow for the world’s next generation.

This week, here in New York, Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah joined President Bill Clinton, United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and World Bank President Jim Young Kim at the eight annual Clinton Global Initiative.

The opening panel, held on Sunday September 23, entitled “Designing for Impact,” focused on the how citizens of the world could cultivate an environment where their lives and the lives of those around them can serve as vehicles for change. [Read more…]

Penetrating Markets: A British Tale

With Stuart Trevor, original founder of ALL SAINTS, discussing his plans for Bolongaro Trevor

Considering that the United States accounts for approximately 30-percent of the world’s GDP, how do you penetrate it?

Post-Nolcha’s menswear show, I attended a Q&A at the British Consulate-General’s office to hear what Firetrap (denim/streetwear), Pretty Green (by Liam Gallagher) and Bolongaro Trevor (from the original designers behind the cult retail chain, All Saints) all had to say about how to breakthrough into the US market. [Read more…]

PR Meltdown at Betsey Johnson 70th Retrospective

Oh, dear, Fashion Week is always full of unfortunate things that happen. It comes with the territory. We love Betsey Johnson, so we were very excited to see her Retrospective. It was a celebration (and birthday party) of 70-years of Betsey! Oh the pink, the Queens, the tulle and the glitter — except, sadly, it didn’t happen. [Read more…]

Ruffian SS13: Baroque in the Street

One part Williamsberg-hipster, one part Carine Roitfeld’s 16th arrondissment Parisian bourgeois upbringing, was exactly what we thought of upon seeing Ruffian’s Baroque in the Street.

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