Swoon: A Dating App By Women For Women

Love is in the air.

Swoon, the mobile dating app young professionals use to meet new people, is back with new features and a sleeker design. [Read more…]

How You Spend Your 20s (And Early 30s) Will Define You

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Gramarcy Park Boy’s mother got him a book for Christmas entitled, SoulPancake and in my sinus-overhauled state once upon a time, I spent some time flipping through it where I came across a quote by Thomas Merton:

“A life is either all spiritual or not spiritual at all. No man can serve two masters. Your life is shaped by the end you live for. You are made in the image of what you desire.”

that made me think, how you spend your 20s (and early 30s) will define you. [Read more…]

Don’t Forget To K.I.T.! … BFFs?

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By: Alexandra Campuzano, guest blogger

For the past few months I’ve been adjusting to life in a new city.

Anyone who has made a change from a city they consider home to a city that is virtually the opposite of home will understand the transition is tougher than anyone might have warned you about.

Prior to the big move, friends who had made similar transitions tossed bouquets of advice my way.

“Don’t forget to keep a weekly and monthly budget”, “Make sure your place has a night guard”, “Have a few months of rent and utilities in your savings account, you know, just in case”,”Don’t be afraid to live off Cup-o-noodle—it’s a perfectly decent meal.” [Read more…]

Gen-Y + Valentine’s Day = Single’s Guide!

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Everyone says it, we Millennials define ourselves more by our interests and passions, than our careers.

Some say, that’s the reason we stay single longer than the generations previous to us.

So without belaboring that… a few suggestions from moi to você: [Read more…]

Technology and Apps: To Trust, That is the Question!

By: Alexandra Campuzano, guest blogger

Late last week I walked into Subway craving a tuna sub with all the toppings.

As I bee-lined way to the order counter, I noticed one of my co-workers at a table neglecting her BMT (rude!). She was preoccupied and her forehead had those ‘This does not look good’ wrinkles as she intently looked at her phone. I stopped by to say ‘hello’ and see if she was okay.

Turns out, she couldn’t find her debit card.

She’d looked everywhere.

Image via weheartit.com

So I asked her if she was Googling her banks number on her phone. [Read more…]

Our Digital Culture: Is It Limitless?

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By: Alexandra Campuzano, guest blogger

We’re two years shy of our next presidential election and the race has already started.

In a 2:10 video titled “It begins with us” President Obama officially announced his run for re-election. His outreach didn’t stop with the video. His team organized emails and text messages to his supporters.

Video, email, and text messages … not the traditional approach to launch a political, much less a presidential, campaign.

But then again, our world is redefining ‘traditional’. Traditional these days seems to have been transferred from the pen and paper and TV to our iPhones, Androids, Blackberries, and tablets.

Are we all better for it? [Read more…]

Lost in Translation: MTV’s Skins v the USA

As with Being Human and Coupling, Skins is just another British import our American-television industry has butchered, skinned (no pun intended) and watered-down into fizzled-blah. Yes, I know fizzled-blah isn’t a term, but it works.

The premiere of the US version was Monday January 17, 2011 on MTV and was met with no shortage of critics, naysayers and fans.

Much of which is still vastly apparent a week later, as the Parents Television Council continues to push [Read more…]

The Fashion Fence: Luxury Brands and their Social Media Strategy

Lace Fence' Project by Dutch Design House Demakersvan; Courtesy of I. CordalÂ

By: Amanda Montgomery, guest blogger

When we were growing up and often fighting with our siblings then tattling on them immediately to start trouble your wise parents probably said,

“There are 2 sides to every story. Let me see what your brothers/sisters have to say.”

In a recent article for Forbes, journalist Lauren Indvik approached the story surrounding luxury brands (Jimmy Choo, Burberry, Marc Jacobs, etc) and what occurs when these labels attempt to incorporate social media into their marketing campaigns.

As it turns out, there are several sides to the story about whether social media will generate an increase in sales, and more importantly raise top-of-mind awareness for luxury brands. [Read more…]

Drugs, Sex & Lies Revisited: Sweet Valley Re-Emerges 10-Years Later With CONFIDENTIAL

Holy heck and some, the drama of the drug-infested, kidnapping-crazed, sex-obsessed world of Francine Pascal’s Sweet Valley High series has returned!

Mark thy calendars because 1983 will return with a lusty, vengeful twist on March 29, 2011.

That is the date set for the release of a new book, Sweet Valley Confidential: Ten Years Later.

At the popularity of its fame, Sweet Valley High were the books for young girls across the globe as they chronicled the drama-filled lives of 16-year old twins Elizabeth (the good one) and Jessica Wakefield (the not-so-good one), the “perfect” California twins with eyes “exactly the colour of the Pacific Ocean.”

The new book, to be published in hardcover form, is not a teen book [Read more…]

Oldies Are Kurt Cobain & Mobile Phones To Tell Time, Is This Really GEN-Y 2.0?

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Each year, since 1998, the administrators at Beloit College in Wisconsin put together a cheat sheet for their professors on the incoming freshman class and fall 2010 is no different as the class of 2014 (born in 1992) gets ready to attend university.

This cheat sheet is called the Mindset List and its purpose is to tell professors (and any other faculty who would care to read) about the “cultural touchstones that shape the lives of students entering college this fall.”

Initiated in 1998 by Tom McBride and Ron Nief, the Mindset List offers a unique and more importantly, a culturally aware look into young America. Or does it?

With the release of the list analyzing the class of 2014, what’s different?

Or for that matter, what would surprise the non-millennial? [Read more…]