{iStyle} DEREK LAM + eBay Paves the Way to Crowdsourced #Fashion

Image via WeHeartIt

By: Kelly Ahern, guest blogger

Who doesn’t love a little fashion fun—especially when it consists of designer luxury from the comfort of your own home?

Fashion legend Derek Lam and eBay, the world’s most significant and most popular fashion destination, officially launched what is being considered the first-ever crowdsourced fashion collection: DEREK LAM + ebay.
Made available for purchase, with the click of a mouse, DEREK LAM + eBay went viral on Tuesday, May 10th at 11AM EST/8AM PST.

“eBay created an incredibly unique opportunity to have a direct dialogue with shoppers around the world—and the community interest in helping influence the DEREK LAM + eBay collection has been phenomenal.”

– Derek Lam [Read more…]

{iStyle} A Princess in Waiting: Kate Middleton’s #Fashion Evolution

Image via We Heart It

As the final days, before the highly-anticipated royal wedding, unfold it only seems natural to take a step back and admire the birth of a modern day princess.

Kate Middleton, the 29 year-old fiancee to England’s Prince William, is much more than a potential future queen -she is a talented, bright, poised young women – who just happens to have an admirable fashion sense.

Over the years, Kate has stayed true to her natural, demure style. Never forcing a trend or a particular look, always looking polished, perfect and quite frankly pretty.

From the moment that her relationship hit the British headlines, [Read more…]

{iStyle} Get Eco-Chic with H&M’s Conscious Collection

via We Heart It

With the onset of spring before us, it’s time to dust off those wedges, pull out your sundresses and prepare for the sun’s golden rays.

And what fashionista doesn’t love a little seasonal shopping? Better yet—who doesn’t love a little retail therapy when it doesn’t just benefit you—but it also benefits the environment!

That’s where the trendy favorite, H&M steps in.

Eco fashion has appeared ultra hot for some time now. [Read more…]

From Tween to Boho-Chic: Mary-Kate and Ashley Launch New #Fashion Line

At just 24 years of age, famous twin superstars – Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen – already have quite an extensive resume.

The dynamic duo has come a long way, since their TV-debut in the 80’s family favorite, Full House. After much success with the prime time sitcom, the girls slowly began to learn the ins-and-outs of Hollywood – quickly capitalizing [Read more…]

{iStyle} Spruce Up Your Spring #Makeup with BORGHESE Beauty

Carolina Herrera NYFW 2011 - Image via Elle

Every true fashionista knows what the change in seasons really means—an excuse to do a little quality upgrading.

With Spring 2011 just barely underway, there is still plenty of time to begin incorporating some of the hottest seasonal trends into your daily routine.

And we all know that a look goes well beyond the clothes and accessories you adorn yourself with—we’re talking about sprucing up the total package from head to toe.

So, why not give yourself a complete Spring makeover—beginning with your beauty regime. [Read more…]

Elizabeth Taylor Transcends Fashion, Fortune and Femme Fatale

“Big girls need big diamonds…”

On Wednesday, March 23rd 2011 the world lost a memorable leading lady.

Not only was Elizabeth Taylor one of Hollywood’s most elite starlets—but the violet-eyed actress certainly made her mark as a fashion icon.

In the era of Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe, Taylor continued to shine.

With natural glamour and serene sensuality she broke through the restrictive salaries imposed on female film stars and inspired generations of young fashionistas throughout [Read more…]

#PrayforJapan: Fashion Industry Rallies to Aid Earthquake Victims

By: Kelly Ahern, guest blogger

With crisis tearing across Japan it’s clear that the Japanese people need our help.

Their suffering and the tragedy that resulted from an unfathomable triple threat—earthquake, tsunami and now impending nuclear meltdown—has made each and every one of us re-evaluate our lives, what really matters and all that we have to be thankful for.

Reports state that the damages suffered by northern Japan have already reached a crippling level of over $100 billion U.S. dollars.

Thankfully, in this era of social media and “viral” news relief efforts have launched across the globe.

If branding has taught us anything it’s the simple fact that it certainly helps to have a strong brand backing any sort of initiative.

Using your brand do to “social good” employs a whole other element—not only does it convey to your community that you are genuine and compassionate, but it allows well-known brand names and celebrities to capitalize on their popularity by adding credibility and power to a worthy cause. [Read more…]

Amy Winehouse is Back in Black [and Red] for Fred Perry Round II

By: Kelly Ahern, guest blogger

The infamous Amy Winehouse appears to back at it again.

No—we’re not talking about her alleged hard-hitting partying ways—although she has recently been praised by Charlie Sheen AND seen stumbling out of an English pub with none other than Russell Brand’s father – no, we’re talking about her inclination for fashion.

The songstress has once again collaborated with Fred Perry, the iconic British label which prides itself on integrating classic street-wear meets sportswear style.

The 32-piece collection, which launched [Read more…]

{iStyle} Milan Makes Magic with Color and Texture for AW 2011

By: Kelly Ahern, guest blogger

Forget basic black, crèmes and neutral tan Milan Fashion Week 2011 has proven yet again that bright bold colors are here to stay—all year long.

The Italians have always been known to push fashion boundaries and embrace shocking color palettes each and every season, but 3 of Milan’s most infamous fashion houses took color and texture to a whole new level with their AW 2011/2012 collections.

From exotic reptile skins, gem colored furs and retro embellishments Italian luxury labels Gucci, Versace and Dolce & Gabanna left [Read more…]

{iStyle} Get The Look: RAMY’s Red Hot Oscar #Makeup

By: Kelly Ahern, guest blogger

This Sunday marks one of Hollywood’s biggest and most celebrated events—the 83rd Annual Academy Awards.

Every year, awards season means much more than just recognizing the talent of deserving actors and actresses; it gives fashionistas a reason to curl up next to the television and day dream. We drool over the luxurious gowns, the sparkling jewels and of course the shoes—waiting patiently for the day that we can feel A-list glamorous.

But why wait? [Read more…]