{Coffee with HyperFluent} Learning to Speak Portuguese



  • 1) How many countries in the world speak Portuguese?

Portuguese is the official language of eight countries and one special administrative region (Brazil, Portugal, Mozambique, Cape Verde, Angola, East- Timor, Guinea-Bissau, São Tomé and Príncipe and Macau, considered a special administrative region in China.

About 300 million people in the world speak Portuguese and this has made it stand out as the 5th most spoken language. [Read more…]

{Coffee with HyperFluent} Learning to Speak Spanish



  • 1) Why Spanish?

The importance of a language is not only based on how useful a language is but also how many people use it to communicate amongst one another.

With more than 450.000.000 millions of individuals that speak Spanish as a native language, Spanish definitely holds its clout on the map.

In the US along more than 35,450,000 people speak Spanish.

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