HBO x Bumble Invite BFFs To $30m Manhattan Brownstone


The Activation

This August, HBO targeted its millennial audience by hosting a pop-up event with Bumble at a $30 million townhouse in Lower Manhattan.

From August 15-16, users of Bumble BFF (for women looking for a new bestie) and Bumble (the dating vertical of the the app) were invited to a gorgeous brownstone nestled in the heart of Greenwich Village as a part of HBO’s #StayHomeToTheMovies.



The brownstone included 10 screening rooms across multiple floors all branded around HBO’s campaign where guests experienced treats, drinks and film favourites.

Stay Home To The Movies is an HBO campaign that started earlier in 2018 aimed to encourage users to sign-up and/or continue using HBO Go.


Brownstone Entrance


Indoor ground floor decor


Candy Tub in the “Devil Wears Prada” screening room


The lavish brownstone included an interactive wall, access to the wine cellar, a bathtub filled with candy (think a mini Sprinkle Pool a la Museum of ice cream), Girls Night In themed cocktails and delicious treats.

“We’re doing this because for all the buzz we get for original programming, we don’t want people to forget out about movies,” Jason Mulderig, vice president of brand and product marketing at HBO told AList.

“The whole idea of the campaign is that staying in can be as good as going out.”

Films shown included classics such as “Back To The Future” and “The Devil Wears Prada”, alongside newer films such as the remake of “It”, “Girls Trip” and “Wonder Woman.”



Branded decor outside of the Back to The Future screening room



Treats and popcorn machine in the Wine Cellar



Girls Night In cocktails





In order to attend the event, users had to sign-up in advance and wait for a confirmation with their ticketed date and QR code for entry.

The exclusive HBO x Bumble event hosted about 65 people each night, with an additional 1,200 people waitlisted about 24-hours before the event.

Meaning there was a extensive line outside the event with only a lucky few that could enter.

HBO’s core demographic are viewers in their mid-40s to early 50s, but with Bumble’s audience being quite younger, it’s no surprise the films chosen for the activation were core favourites of those between 18-34-years old.

That said, it’s also important to observe, that in a digital age where more and more Gen-Y are cutting the cord on cable, HBO purposefully highlighted its digital streaming options without a TV subscription.

(More on that below in reference to the swag bag.)


Ermina and I


My Bumble BFF Experience


After a few years with my now ex-boyfriend, I found myself pretty alone in Manhattan with most of my friends having moved away and no (ex-)boyfriend’s friends to hang with either.

For nearly three-years, I went from having someone to always do things with, watch soccer with, drag to Harry Potter movies, talk to and share experiences with — to working off my feelings at the gym, Netflix-ing plus chill … and copious amounts of wine.

So, when I got an email from Bumble BFF: I saw the opportunity to go out and experience something new.


Ermina and I in the wine cellar


Finding myself with all this extra time, I joined Bumble BFF earlier this year to make new friends and swiped right with Ermina.

Coming from similar familial backgrounds and having dealt with similar life experiences, Ermina was a little gift sent from the universe.

I think she feels the same.

Both into fitness, our first Bumble BFF date was to a Peloton spin class filmed live at their studio in Chelsea and we followed it up with a second date to wine bar at the Seaport on a perfect summer day.

Chatting regularly, and going to MeatPacking to watch Daddy Yankee + Janet Jackson launch their new track together, it was pretty perfect to go to the HBO x Bumble House with my Bumble BFF.

We had the most amazing time, and I couldn’t have asked for a better night.



Our screening room entrance


Upon arriving at the HBO x Bumble House, we showed our QR codes and were ushered inside to a small lobby/living area, where we took a quiz to  determine which film we would watch based on our likes, interests and tastes.

So, it’s no surprise that this girl and her Bumble BFF, who happens to work in fashion, got “The Devil Wears Prada.”

And, let’s be honest, OUR room was by far the coolest!

Sure, “It” was in the wine cellar, and “Back to the Future” was outside where they feasted on fun 80s munchies…



Onion bagels



Movie quiz and James Holt’s ‘Punch’ in the champagne flute


But, our room had the fun bathtub, James Holt’s ‘Punch’ and dare I even say it, the onion bagels… Nigel would die. (i.e. each movie experience was themed with drinks and food to the detail.)

Our room also included a fun quizzie, where the first person to finish with the most right answers won a prize.


Ermina with our swag


So, of course, I did — I mean this is the film that I broke my DVD player with at UF because I watched it over, and over, and over, and over, and over some more. (Thanks for the bathrobe and throw, Bumble and HBO!)

The swag bags were pretty cool too.

Not only did attendees go home with a voucher for HBO Go, but also received a wireless projector that syncs directly to an app, downloadable to any mobile device, allowing viewers to use and watch HBO…. anywhere!

Giant Spoon served as the experiential agency.


Champagne soaked gummies


And on a total side note, if you thought James Holt’s ‘Punch’ was deadly … Bumble’s champagne-soaked gummy bears give it a run for its money.

Talk about a well-deserved, straight-up amazing Girls Night.


Ermina and I in the tub with rubber duckies and ample amounts of candy


I’m glad I signed-up, and I’m extra glad that Ermina and I were able to hang out.


So, heyyyy Bumble, here’s a BFF success story — she’s a keeper 🙂


That’s all.




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