Fashionable Wearables: Scottevest Makes Luggage Obsolete

“For proof that all jackets are not created equal, check out this Inspector Gadget-worthy trench coat with, ahem, 18 pockets (hello, airport organizational skills!)”

Glamour Magazine

About a month ago, I was contacted by SCOTTeVEST and offered the opportunity to test drive their Women’s Trench Coat.

I’ve always wanted a red coat, plus it’s springtime in New York City, so it was all very serendipitous.

I’ve worn the coat consecutively out and about for the last four-weeks and let the following serve as my honest, non-biased review.


Let’s do it!



First of all, this trench coat is clever.

It’s exceptionally clever in design and functionality.

It has 18 pockets — yes, 18!

AaaND it comes with a pocket map/guide so you can find them all. You can also view them online via SCOTTeVEST’s x-ray view of the trench. (Truth be told, after a month, I still haven’t quite found all of them.)

Look at it this way:

you can leave your purse at home.


I traveled to Dallas, TX wearing this coat, and while I did have a little handbag, I didn’t need to bring along my tote. Plus, it was kinda cool to have everything “on me” in secure compartments.

The only caveat is that you can’t really take off your coat, and you certainly DO NOT want to forget it anywhere.

So, a bit of extra mindfulness is important as you get used to your new trench.

On our way from the airport after arriving in Dallas, TX in my SCOTTeVEST Women’s Trench


Something I found really cool about the trench were the smartphone-accessible pockets.

I’m the type of person who opens up Spotify on my iPhone and then puts my phone in my purse or my pocket while I walk.

This can get a little tricky if I go shopping or am on a crowded subway because my hands, bags and headset wires can get tangled. Therefore, this pocket was really useful because I was able to use my iPhone without removing it from my pocket!

Heck, yes!

Another cool feature is something SCOTTeVEST calls their ‘BudBucket Pockets.’ Basically, you put your headphone wires through this little area near the collar and it secures them in place.

One really nice feature I discovered to be incredibly useful was the extendable clip inside the front hand-pockets for your keys!

This was a lifesaver for me because I have a habit of dropping my keys into the vast wilderness that is my purse. So much so, that when the time comes for me to open my front door, I’m usually wading through an ocean of things to find them.

So helpful!

One thing, however, that I will make a specific mention to caution goes back to what I said earlier about misplacing or forgetting your trench coat somewhere.

I would not advise putting money or too many other valuables in the trench if you can help it. While, that goes against it’s functionality, you also don’t want to be out and about digging through your trench for items where a pick pocket and thief can single you out.

Be very mindful of that.

Most of the time that I’m out wearing my SCOTTeVEST trench, I am ALSO carrying a purse with me.



The Women’s Trench is a classic double-breasted style coat that flatters almost every body type. It’s also suitable for all ages.

The coat’s fabric is thick with a solid stitching making it very sturdy.  Also, the lining of the trench matches the color of the outer shell, which is a nice touch.

Definitely after a month wearing it, I do believe it’s quite durable.

Personally, I recently bought a new pair of Sperry loafers — the Harbor View Women’s Slip-On Sneaker to be exact.

I’m obsessed with these shoes, but! what I’ve been doing a lot of lately is specifically pairing them with my SCOTTeVEST red trench 🙂

There is just something really nautical, and preppy, and super cute about them together that I can’t get enough of.


Wearing them together makes me feel extra fashionable and pretty.

Anyway, back to my SCOTTeVEST trench —


Due to the thickness of the fabric, it’s also comfortable and warm for chilly weather or to wear indoors.

I’ve been wearing my trench a lot this spring (temperatures between 50F – 70F.)

The fabric is also water and weather-resistant, which is awesome.

I wore it on the ferry the other day, and it started to drizzle while I was sitting on the top deck.  I wasn’t bothered by the rain or the wind at all.

My only issue with the trench is that it doesn’t have a detachable hood.

If it did, that would make this the most perfect trench coat in existence.

It would be nice not to take an umbrella with you on short walks or drizzles if you knew your coat had a hood.

Also, while the style of a double-breasted trench is flattering on almost any figure, because of how the SCOTTeVEST trench is tailored, it can come off as a little boxy depending on your body shape.

Meaning, if you boobies are bigger than your hips proportionally, or if your backside is bigger than your boobies, unlike other trench coats (like say from Banana Republic, Michael Kors or Burberry), this one bulks out in some areas.

Overall Rating



I’d give my SCOTTeVest a solid 4.75 of 5 stars.

This is because I really think this trench coat needs a hood — detachable and functional.

Worth the money and definitely a good investment.

Once again, you can purchase you own here, for $175.00 USD.



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