Go Nude: Rimmel London Releases New Lip Collection With Kate Moss

Image via Creepers & Cupcakes

Some people argue that “it’s back,” while to others, “it never went away!” But, no matter where you stand on the nude lip trend, Rimmel London has you covered.

Whether it’s a delicate rose or a caramel beauty, every girl uses some form of pigmented nude lip to accentuate her pout.

The Lasting Finish Lipstick by Kate Moss X Rimmel London, is a collection of lipsticks, sold exclusively in the US at Wal-Mart ($5.79 USD), created in partnership with the British model for the perfect au naturel lipsick.

The current shades in the collection include:

  1. #040 – a pale nude
  2. #041 – a pink nude
  3. #042 – an apricot nude
  4. #043 – a tan nude
  5. #044 – a coral nude
  6. #045 – a rose nude
  7. #046 – an olive nude
  8. #047 – a brandy nude
  9. #048 – a dark nude
  10. #049 – a coffee nude



Shade #043 is a lovely tan shade of nude, which is very flattering for women with a warm undertone in the skin.



While, if you have a cooler skin tone and want to brighten and warm up your look, #040, #041 and #042 are pretty nude pink shades that would better fit you.

If you’re more light tan/olive in skin tone, consider brightening up you look with the coral-hued #044. This shade is also great for anyone else who wants a light pop or coral without going full-on into a bright, summer poppy pop of color.


The rose-tined #045 and olive-nude #046 are other shades to add a little colour to your look without going too bright.




For girls that would rather deeper colours that add more dimension, the brand, chocolate and coffee tones of #047, #048 and #049 are right for you.

The 10-piece collection is very well thought out and curated, so, no matter who you are or what your style is, there is definitely a nude lipstick in the collection that is right for you.

It was Rimmel London and Moss’s goal to create the collection to give women the opportunity to go nude on the lip with total confidence and a full-on London attitude.

The packaging and design of the lipstick tubes is also worth mentioning.

The tubes are sleek with an elegant design, very similar to Moss’s own personal style (remember this is the same super model who also spearheaded her own luxury handbag collection with Longchamp a few years ago.)

The soft peach nude-esque packaging echos the shade palette of the lipstick collection with Kate’s signature stamped onto the cap in white.

Very nice!


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