For You And Your Bestie: Kiko Milano Launches Limited Edition BFF Collection for VDay

Launching this month, Kiko Milano debuting their Best Friends Forever collection.

Dedicated to all the best friends out there and to the strong bond that exists between them, the collection celebrate friends’ love for one other, both in the packaging and in the colors selected.

The result is make-up that is natural, yet effective.

We love the colours, the heart decals on the product packaging and the richness of the pigments!

KIKO MILANO Love Elixir Face Powder

The collection’s make-up case contains a powder brush and a 2-in-1 bronzer and blush, the latter in two shades.

KKO MILANO Endless Love Lip Pencil

A kit consisting of a volume-enhancing panoramic mascara and a pencil for the waterline will ensure your eyes do not go unnoticed.

The heart-shaped mascara applicator catches the lashes at the root, providing shape and a deep black color.

Nail polishes with a three-dimensional feel provide a matte finish with bright reflections.

For scene-stealing lips, the collection includes a moisturizing, strawberry-scented lip balm, bright, creamy lipsticks, and long-lasting, deep-colored lip pencils.

KIKO MILANO Endless Love Lipstick

KIKO MILANO Endless Love Lipstick

The intensity and uniqueness of the lipsticks, available in six different shades, as well as the liveliness of the packaging, with a heart-shaped cut out that reveals the lipstick color, call to mind the purity of friendship.

KIKO MILANO Endless Love Lipstick

The heart theme is repeated for the tip of the lipstick, providing original, unique products that stand out as real collectors’ items.

KIKO MILANO Heart To Heart Eau De Parum Set

The personality of BFF is enhanced by two eau de parfums that caress the skin and take the senses on a unique olfactory journey.

KIKO MILANO Best Friends Forever Pochette

All the above fit cozily in a handy pochette, enabling you to keep your best-loved products always to hand.

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