Worth It: The Wondrous Workings Of The Urban Smith [#Giveaway]

Founded by Molly Cruit in San Francisco, The Urban Smith is a line of creatively saucy-crafted jewelry that is meant to inspire, express and reflect life around us.

Whether fun, serious, endearing or timeless, The Urban Smith is your ability to make your mark on the world.

In my personal opinion, the beautiful pieces that Molly makes are nothing short of personal and there are not enough words to describe how much my customized “Worth It” necklace from Molly means to me.

My father got sick last year. Very sick. He has the advanced stages of Frontotemporal Dementia that came on rapidly that he deteriorated so dramatically in the last 18-months.

He can’t write anymore. His speech is basically nonexistence. He barely walks anymore.

Molly made me a beautiful necklace out of his original handwriting that she stenciled and crafted with “Worth It” on one side and “Love, Neville” on the other side.

It’s to remind me that no matter what — I’m WORTH IT.

Just as my father always encouraged me and told me.

This is my reminder — to wear and show off — that I can overcome anything.

He always believed in me, no matter what. And in those moments when I feel broken and sad and like I can’t take it anymore … I just need to remember what he is unable to tell me.

It’s like another permanent piece of him that I can hold on too: it looks like a piece of him; it is a piece of him.

“Worth It”, like Molly’s other gold pieces, is made of 14k gold. You can shower in it, swim in it etc. and it will not tarnish.

“It came organically. I wanted to find something to further my creative brain,” Molly told me.

“What I liked about metal was the ability to build… I liked how simple it was and what it represented.”

The Urban Smith is sold at ModCloth, American Eagle, Hallmark and Bom Marchè. Pieces include everything from bar and jacket earrings, bracelets and rings to necklaces and metal with gem stones.

What’s the most wonderful about Molly’s craft is its versatility.

Her work can easily be used as a custom-made bridesmaid gift, something fun for kicks and giggles or something more everlasting and endearing close to your heart.

In fact, some of her best selling customized pieces include pieces that say: “Love,” “Amazeballs” and “F*ck.”

Take a look at my absolutely precious package that Molly sent to me:

There are no words to describe how much it means to me.

I cannot thank Molly enough for this precious, precious gift.

My necklace from Molly is something I’ll cherish forever and I cannot thank her enough for giving me something that means so much to me.



And now here is your chance to Win Your Name In Gold!

That’s right, here you your shot to win a  $100 Gift Card for ANYTHING you want from The Urban Smith!




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  1. How precious! I love that as an idea. I want to get my parents handwriting saved. Maybe my grandmas too. That would be so wonderful.

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  2. I am following both on instagram! (creepycrystal)