Get Local: Venture To Branch Ofc In Brooklyn To Improve Your Booze IQ

Started by industry veteran Chris Buckley’s and hosted at his Branch Ofc. cocktail bar in Crown Heights, “Behind The Pine” is a cocktail education series to give denizens of the burgeoning nabe (and beyond) a chance to take a peak around the other side of the bar.

With monthly Saturday afternoon workshops and Monday evening sessions, Buckley, along with some of his industry friends and “bartisanal” guests, are going to de-concoct your cocktail, while sharing bartender tips of the trade.

Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of attending Buckley’s inaugural session, “Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice: A Guide to Titillating Toddies”:

A fun, insightful overview on the tradition of toddies, new interpretations and awesome tricks for toddies at home.

Guests will also be able to sample the new toddy menu to be launched that afternoon when the bar opens, including:

  • Ti’ Toddy
    • Due North Rum, Cane Syrup, Lime
  • Dutch Courage
    • Boomsma Young Genever, Lavender Infused Simple Syrup, Lemon
  • Saddle Sipper
    • Four Roses Bourbon, Bitters, Honey, Lemon, Cinnamon
  • East Heats West
    • Las Hormigas Mezcal, Lapsang Souchang Simple, Lemon, Orange

Workshops run for approximately two hours, include two full cocktails in purchase price and are $40.00/person.

Branch Ofc. Dutch Courage cocktail

Branch Ofc. Dutch Courage cocktail

Branch Ofc. is located at 225 Rogers Avenue (between President & Union) Brooklyn, NY 11225

Branch Ofc. is open daily from 3:00pm until late (2am-4am).

Branch Ofc. Saddle Sipper cocktail

Branch Ofc. Saddle Sipper cocktail

Get social with Branch Ofc. on Instagram @branchofc and Twitter/Facebook @branchofcbk.

Happy Sipping!

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