From The Founder of Philosophy Comes Archetypes

From the founder of Philosophy, Cristina Carlino, comes, a hip and new digital brand. curates lifestyle content based on individual’s archetypes.

Based on your archetypes, you can make more inspired choices about everything from relationships to excelling at work to choosing a piece of clothing.

Through the prism of those archetypes, the world is clearer.

You can live a truly empowered life knowing which doors you should walk through and which are best left unopened.

I took their customized quiz online and here are my results:


Joan Smalls for Lee Daniels


Anna Sui x O’Neill


Triangl Swimwear

Not only that, but I took one of their ‘fun’ quizzies as well to tell me my summer anthem, and not only did it guess that I was a Tastemaker, but I channeled by inner Taylor Swift!

The brand’s new products — the very first to be launched through social media — help you make inspired choices in beauty, the kind that make you look and feel your very best.

Archetype Fragrances

“Merging the art of fine perfumery with the science of archetypes, these twelve gorgeous scents reflect the essence of each archetype.

But there’s no need to limit yourself to just one scent. Choose a fragrance that expresses exactly who you are in the moment, or a scent that reflects the archetype you aspire to be.

While your primary archetypes represent your fragrance constants, the Archetypes collection itself allows for endless personal expression.

Enjoy the ride!”

— Archetypes creator Cristina Carlino

Anna Sui x O’Neill

    • The archetype: The imaginative artist/poet who adores the unusual and unexpected,
      and excels at making something out of nothing

      • The scent: Romantic and sensual. It opens with crisp notes of sugared mandarin wrapped in
        pink freesia and other soft florals. Then it gives way to an inspired, refreshing trio
        of sheer musk, vanilla and crystalized ginger.
    • The archetype: Physical and high-energy — a lover of sports, competition and the great outdoors
      who’s defined by strength and endurance

      • The scent: An energetic bouquet that kicks off with a burst of bright citrus notes, white florals
        and the fresh, herbal quality of green tea. And the complex, citrus-musk dry down
        smells equally zesty and vibrant.
    • The archetype: The fearless, rule-breaking maverick — a fighter who believes in freedom and justice, and is drawn to the fire and the edge
      • The scent: Sexy and provocative. An initial, tantalizing rush of citrus (fresh mandarin blossom mixed with blond and dark woodsy notes) turns into something more enticing, with a creamy blend of sweet fig, blackberry, deep florals and musk.
    • The mother of all archetypes: Giving, loving and compassionate — a rescuer and nurturer
      • The scent: A soft, calming distillation of rare florals. A mix of fresh blossoms warmed with pink pep-percorns instantly welcomes you in, then shifts into a sweet, delicate blend
        of florals, citrus and woodsy notes.
    • The archetype: The intuitive dreamer and seeker — a lover of simplicity who’s drawn toward the fu-ture and brings it into the now
      • The scent: Light, stimulating and phenomenally clean. An initial bright pop of citrus dissolves into the green, slightly earthy freshness of lily of the valley. Then, the dry down’s lush, sophisticated blend of white florals comes to life.
    • The archetype: A natural at self-expression; energetic, joyful and dramatic;
      loves to entertain, please, be adored and admired

      • The scent: Dramatic. In the first act, it’s a notice-me blend of pink nectarine and white iris sloshed with champagne. But at the dry down, the main actors — sweet blackberry notes
        and warm, creamy musk — step into the spotlight.
    • The archetype: Regal, take-charge, discriminating and empowered — defined by
      the ability to lead and luxuriate

      • The scent: Distinctive and vibrant. The top notes — fresh green accords wrapped around soft citrus and a royal garden bouquet — lead to a stronger, more decadent white floral: jasmine and ylang ylang
        resting on a bed of exotic musk.
    • The archetype: Cutting-edge, influential and iconic; a leader and early adapter to trends who’s drawn to fashion, beauty and interior design
      • The scent: Chic and unexpected. It opens with deeply warming tones of spice and dry cedarwood; blooms with white florals (neroli and black lavender) at its heart; then dries down to an enchantingly clean, classic fragrance with a subtle herbaceous quality.
    • The archetype: The peaceful, faithful seeker, drawn to prayer, meditation
      and the unseen world

      • The scent: Flowing, light and airy, it opens with a transparent blend of water lily, iris and sheer jasmine. Then clean, powdery white floral notes drift in for a lush, soothing effect.
    • The archetype: Adventurous, travel-loving, curious and free-spirited; loves the outdoors and the exotic
      • The scent: Sheer woods, fresh floral greens, dry woods and freshly-cut grass — like taking a stroll around a tropical paradise or mist-shrouded mountain.
    • The archetype: A hero and change agent — a champion of causes to save our world
      • The scent: Bright, earthy and energetic. The all-natural fragrance starts with vibrant citrusy notes (orange blossom and bergamot), and segues into an intoxicating, ylang ylang-tinged white floral.
    • The archetype: The eternal student — scholarly, smart, analytical and precise
      • The scent: Classic and understated. It reads like a fruity floral when you first apply it, with the fresh, almost floral quality of blood orange amplified by lush geranium and black current. But as it dries down, it tells a deeper, more sophisticated story, with vanilla, musk, amber and a whiff of white flowers.

Available for $64 USD for each Eau de Parfum (1.7 oz/50 ml) at


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