How Julia Parker Designs Symbolized The Bonds Of Sisterhood

Every once in awhile, we come across stories that not only pique our interest, but also genuinely make us smile.

This was the case when Julia Parker dropped us a little note about her Julia Parker Designs jewelery collection — in particular her “Bond Bangles” and their creation.

Composed of fine silver, the bangles come in sets of three in any combination you choose: smooth, textured, hammered or oxidized.

My set includes two smooth and one hammered. This contrast in textures make them edgy, but elegant.

There is a certain classic feel about them splashed with a contemporary twist as you watch them dangle from your wrists.

They are the perfect compliment to a pair of skinny jeans and a crop top, or a pencil dress to the office with a blazer.  

Also, because of their simplicity, the Bond Bangles pair well with other types of bangles, wrap bracelets or a watch.

Bond Bangles are versatile arm candy.

Julia makes her bangles with a very high-percentage of silver, ensuing that the bangles will never tarnish.  You can wear them in the shower, in the sea, at the pool, at the gym, on a date —  just about anywhere and everywhere.

They will always retain their shine.

That being said, being made of fine silver also means that the bangles are softer than sterling silver (92.5-percent silver for ‘sterling,’ versus 99.9-percent silver for ‘fine’) and therefore are more malleable.

This means that they will conform to fit one’s wrist and continue to mold to your body over time.

Thereby, making them truly become yours.

We really love that.

So what exactly are “Bond Bangles?”

“The concept behind these bangles began when I wanted to give a gift to my friend who just had her second daughter.

I hoped to give something meaningful and long lasting. So I made one bangle for her and one for each of her daughters.

My hope was that her daughters would see her wearing the three bracelets as they grew and that one day, she would hand them the bracelet that was intended for them.

I wanted them to have a reminder of their youth, of their mom and of their sister as they became women of their own right and went out into the world.

Now the connection has expanded and I love making the bangles for women who want to celebrate their sisters, best friends, bridesmaids, or any of the other special women in their lives.

They are an elegant way to honor your bond and still look beautiful.”

You can purchase these bracelets and other designs on Julia’s website in sets or individually.

They retail for $82.00 per bangle, or $246.00 for a set of three and also come in 22k gold upon special request.

We absolutely love our set and cannot thank Julia enough for getting in touch and sharing her story with us!


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