Social Media Insights From Women’s Health Magazine’s Beauty Awards 2015

Bobbi Brown at Women’s Health Magazine’s 2015 Beauty Awards Panel

This morning I attended the 2015 Women’s Health Magazine’s Beauty Awards at the Andaz Hotel on 5th Avenue.

Part of their #WHSocialMoments ongoing campaign imitative, a panel was selected to discuss the current trends in beauty, fashion and lifestyle:

  • Bobbi Brown, Makeup Artist and Founder of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics
  • Lisa Chudnofsky, Site Director of Women’s Health Magazine
  • Lucia Moses, Senior Editor at DigiDay
  • Radhika Prakash, Brand Strategist at Pinterest
  • Valentine Uhovski, Fashion Evangelist at Tumblr

While the discussion only lasted a little less than an hour, there were great insights, stories and tidbits that were shared.

For example, did you know that Pinterest does not consider itself a social network?

I certainly didn’t.

According to Prakash, Pinterest is about the user and the pins.

“It’s about being helpful — quality over quantity,” she said.

Prakash also noted that too many brands over complicate their Pinterest strategies and cited Bank of America as a client doing very well on the platform.

How many pins did do they have?


Another, interesting point in conversation was Uhovski noting Club Monaco’s Tumblr as a great example of a brand’s strategy.

“They don’t showcase any products. It’s all about the lifestyle,” he says. “They do well. Very well. It’s one of the pages to watch.”

He also mentioned that because of their lifestyle approach, the brand’s Tumblr page inspires a lot of users to mimic their style.

So much so, there have been quite a few “inspired-by” blogs popping up on their radar.

But, the person I found the most interesting was Bobbi Brown — and not only because she’s a pioneer in contemporary women’s beauty.

Bobbi Brown is a brand and a person.

The person, Bobbi Brown, and the brand, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, do a very good job in separating the two.  Which, is something I’ve always admired from one marketer to another about their digital strategy.

“Post because you want to,” Brown says. “Not because you have to.”

Yes, indeed.

All content should be visually appealing and be about telling a story, rather than showing who you are.

That’s what social media is.

Also, it is something that Moses echoed.

She cited Lilly Pulitzer as an iconic and old brand, that has been doing some really interesting things within the social media space to make themselves stay relevant.

Moses pointed out that the creative team at Lilly Pulitzer creates customized graphics, imagery and even prints specifically designed for their social media platforms.

These creative pieces are inspired by the brand, Lilly herself and it’s overall lifestyle.

Lilly Pulitzer understands storytelling.

Personally, we couldn’t agree more as we remember graduating from the University of Florida when Vera Bradley was Queen-Bee.

Fast-forward less than five-years later and Lilly Pulitzer, not only swept up the marketplace for sorority and college girls alike, but dominated it.

They utilized Facebook asking sorority girls across the country to vote on which organizations would get custom prints and be featured in their inaugural sorority product launch.

Very smart.

But it’s the #BeautyAwards, ladies, and yes, there was a pretty rad swag bag!

See below for the haul and my favourite picks!


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