Be Charming: Indulge In Jennifer Lopez by Endless Jewlery

When we wear our Jennifer Lopez Collection by Endless Jewelry wrap bracelet we totally feel like JLo circa 2001 in “Ain’t It Funny.”

You know, the music video where she becomes a gypsy and nabs (and totally females alpha-modes with her wicked dance moves) the hot guy in kohl-lined eyes and heeled boots… ah!

We utterly love (and we seriously mean love!) our Jennifer Lopez by Endless Jewelry bracelet.

It’s soft, sparkly, sophisticated and has a certain sexy elegance to it that we can’t get enough of.

The entire collection includes a variety of wrap bracelets in smooth metallic lambskin and exotic leather.

The bracelets are designed for women to customize with over 100 contemporary charms in .925 sterling silver or 18k yellow and rose gold.

A few points to get you started:

  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Bracelets don’t flip around, charms stay put
  • Easy on/off magnetic closure
  • Beautiful and fashion forward
  • A great conversation/memory collectable piece
  • Endless combinations to fit every style and personality
  • Price point starts at $70.00

It’s the ultimate accessory for individual style and unlike a lot of other companies that offer charm bracelets and wraps, you certainly will not look nor feel like an old lady in one of these!

We get compliments on ours all. the. time.

It’s fabulous!

Accordingly to Jennifer,

“My new exclusive Endless Jewelry line is designed to be fun, festive and elegant. With this collection, you can express your personality through our bracelets and charms. The possibilities are endless.”

We so agree.

Thank you so much to the lovely women at Endless Jewelry for sending us our own.


xo xo

To find out more about Jennifer Lopez by Endless Jewelry go here, visit the main website here or visit them on Facebook here.

… P.S., if you are super curious, get your shimmy on to some “Ain’t It Funny” right here, right now:


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