Ann Taylor Brings Back Elephant Accessories in Support of St. Jude Children’s Hospital

Launching on November 11 as part of their annual partnership with St. Jude Children’s Hospital, Ann Taylor is releasing a limited-edition elephant jewelry collection in-stores and online.

With 50-percent of each purchase going to St. Jude the elephant was as symbolic to the brand as it was important.

Available throughout the winter, the Ann Taylor four-piece collection will include:

  • Elephant Statement Bracelet – $49.50 USD
  • Elephant Statement Necklace – $49.50 USD
  • Elephant Pendant Necklace – $39.50 USD
  • Elephant Ring Set – $39.50 USD

According to Ann Taylor, the chose elephants because they are believed to bring good luck and also live for a very long time.

Elephants have a very high retentive memory which is symbolic of the medical research performed at St. Jude and they live in family units.

If one member of the family unit is affected, the other units and/or members not only take of the affected elephant, but will adopt him/her into their fold.

Ann Taylor found this also symbolic of the St. Jude community and how the hospital and those within its fold care, nurture and stand by the families and children affected by deadly diseases.

These are definitely a lovely and thoughtful gift for anyone on your holiday gift list this season or just a pick-me-up to cheer up your bestie or yourself.

Happy Holidays 🙂


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