Things To Do With Your Acer Iconia Tab 8

In our first post on the Acer Iconia Tab 8, we discussed the more technical side of the device. This time we want to focus on the more lifestyle and day-to-day aspects of owning one of these tablets.


Whether it’s a high-schooler or that daughter or son at university, the Iconia Tab 8 is a good buy for three specific reasons: cost, size and speed.

If you’re a budget conscious parent or you happen to have a ‘typical’ teenager,

we’re pretty sure you don’t want to spend a lot of cash on a much-needed device with the potential to get mashed up in a school bag, lost/stolen or spilled-on.

Not that it wouldn’t hurt if that happened, regardless, but it would certainly hurt a little less on this cost-effective device versus an Apple iPad — let’s be realistic.

Due to its size, the Iconia Tab 8 is easily portable. This ability makes it an easy addition to any tote bag, gym bag or book bag. Also, with it’s fingerprint resistant / mostly scratch proof glass, that’s definitely a plus!

One last thing, which makes it beneficial to the student in your life, is the sheer speed of the Iconia Tab 8. With it’s Intel quad-core processor, the tablet is a great for quickly researching information, video-chatting with classmates or group-video chats for class as well as leisurely activities such as watching Gossip Girl on Netflix!

We think Rufus Humphrey would agree! 😉


While, I don’t consider this device a replacement for an iPad (if you happen to have one) because I really do view them as two different types of technology, the Iconia Tab 8 is a really is a fantastic device for the frequent traveler for it’s lightening fast speed, exceptionally easy navigation and is comfort to hold.

For travelers, its easy to connect to things such as basic web surfing in the airport terminal, enjoying the Google Play Store, connecting to Chromecast, checking e-mails on-the-go and a variety of other things for all those hopping from one place to another needs.

Easy Learning Curve

Let’s be honest, most of the world still operates on a PC device, not an Apple. Which is fine and dandy for iPhone users, but when it comes to a landscape on a tablet or computer screen the same cannot be said.

The UX between the two OS groups are just different and regardless of your opinion on the Jobs versus Gates way of doing things, respectively, for those more comfortable on a PC or with a larger learning curve (elder generations etc.), this is the better device.

Intel Tablets

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