Initial Thoughts on the Acer Iconia Tab 8

Earlier this summer, I was asked to join the an Intel Tablet Crew advocacy program to try out the new Acer Iconia Tab 8.

One of the things I enjoyed the most about it was the ability to Skype with my parents from anywhere. I didn’t need to use my iPhone (and kill the battery) or lug my laptop around.

As long as I had wi-fi I was able stay in touch with my family at the other end of the country and nothing is more amazing than that.

So let’s talk some specifics and get a little techy here.

The Acer Iconia Tab 8 is light weight, easily portable and has a stylish design/aesthetic. The screen is 8-inches (obviously) with a 1920×1200 Full HD display.

With it’s size, true to advertising and the brand’s promise, it does fit comfortably in one hand.

With the Atom quad-core processor, while I’m not a gamer, I thoroughly enjoyed Netflix, Skype and YouTube videos in all of their glory (binge-watching François Arnaud as Cesare Borgia on Netflix, never looked so sexy! *rwar!*)

One thing that I did notice, and very much so appreciated with the Iconia Tab 8, was how well the anti-fingerprint coating on the glass worked.

In fact, it was easy to clean and absolutely no big when I was watching video or reading though the news in the mornings.

In terms of battery life — let’s take it back to Skyping with my parents in Florida — fabulous.

I walked around my apartment, showed them the kitty cat, talked to them while I was in the kitchen making tea (or ummm, attempting to cook).

So the portability and battery life are really, really top notch.

It really is travel-girl-friendly! 🙂

In terms of price, the Iconia Tab 8 is a fraction of the cost of an iPad, and if you are in need of a solid tablet, but don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend — this is the tablet for you.

I’ve seen it online at various retailers for $129 USD.

Check out the details below and if you do end up playing with the Iconia Tab 8 or purchasing one for yourself — drop me a line let me know your thoughts!

Intel Tablets

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