Enter Legendary Bĭru with Sapporo Beer

“A modern beverage with a traditional Japanese heritage” is the way some would describe Sapporo Premium beer, the number one Asian-selling beer in the US.

Launched earlier this summer, the brand debuted a $2m consumer-focused AD campaign called “Legendary Bĭru” that is centered around showcasing the contemporary meets traditional:

“The original Japanese beer,” founded in 1876, has been in the US-market for nearly 50-years and comes from carefully crafted (and selected) barely and hops.

Their technique combines German-style brewing and Japanese craftsmanship for a crisp, clean taste through an advanced brewing process.

Whether hosting your friends, eating steaks, burgers, hot dogs, fish or grilled veggies, the brand’s goal is to provide premium beer drinkers with an excellent variety of choices: Sapporo Premium, Sapporo Light and Sapporo Reserve.

For example, Sapporo Reserve is a lager that’s made using only specific-selected barley.

It is an all-malt beer that delivers a deep golden hue, full body and intense complexity.

The beer has bright clarity with a thick, stable white foam. Its aroma is malty and earthy, with a round, robust maltiness and slightly sweet flavor.

Sapporo Reserve has a full body and round mouth feel, with a slightly bitter finish.

Sapporo Premium, on the other hand, has a sweet up-front with modest hops and malt characteristics.

A balanced sweetness that offers a round fullness on the palate.

The beer finishes with a smooth, refined bitterness and slightly hoppy notes.

The aftertaste is meant to be clean and pleasant, allowing it to pair easily with most foods.

Definitely check out the advertising campaign, taste a bottle and let us know what you think!



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