We took the #vzwmaxxchallenge!

Earlier this summer, I was contacted to participate in the #VZWMaxxChallenge.

According to Verizon Wireless, the nation’s largest 4G LTE network, the Droid Maxx not only outlives every other 4G LTE smartphone (with an astounding 48-hours of battery life), but it’s an absolute must play.

And play we did.

Here are some initial thoughts:

Overall, it was a good a good phone. It’s easy to use, has great speaker quality, is wi-fi capable and has excellent camera/video quality.

That said, to have full disclosure, as an iPhone user, I don’t think I would change over from one device to the next simply because I own other Apple products and I like things to be synced.

On that same note, I used to own a Samsung Galaxy III as work phone from a previous company, and I much prefer the Droid Maxx. It feels less bulky and is far easier to use. I much prefer the menu options and the intuitiveness of the phone.

The phone is also extremely durable. Not that I dropped it in water or purposefully threw it across the room, but I didn’t have a cover for it and stuck it in my purse. No scratches, dents, etc. And as any other girl will tell you, with the amount of items we stuff in there, you’d be surprised what survives!

Something to take note of, however, is the keyboard size when it pops up. As an iPhone user, it doesn’t bother me, but I know for those of the older generation, like my parents, for them — not so much. So definitely have that extra thought if you are purchasing one for parents or grandparents.

And as for the battery life — yep. Spot on. I charged it once in two days which is definitely something I have never, ever done with the Samsung Galaxy or the iPhone.

Definitely, stop by your wireless provider and take a look. It’s worth it. Especially if things such as battery life, intuitiveness, ease of menu and photo/video quality are important to you.



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