Can We Please Swoon About My Amazing Out Of Body Waxing Experience At Completely Bare?

Have you ever had a complete out of body absolutely amazing waxing experience? You know the kind of out of body waxing experience, where your waxing specialist all of sudden becomes your new bestie/girlfriend/she-can-do-no-wrong in your eyes? Yes, I had one of those the other day.

On Super Bowl Sunday, or rather Super Brow Sunday, I took my happy little self over to the Completely Bare Spa on Bond Street for a manicure, brow shaping and wax.

First things first, my manicure was delicious and I was so chatting it up to anyone that would listen to me for days. Done by Manicube, it was super quick and well done.

My paws were polished and all lacquered up in the new Vinylux line from CND (Creative Nail) in this delectable, shimmery navy blue (that looked almost tar black) called “Midnight Swim”.

I should note, that I do not cut my cuticles and when I related that bit of info to the manicurist, she wasn’t at all phased or looked at me like I had just committed a cardinal manicure sin. I really appreciated that. Nails were filed short and squared to perfection.

Simply fabulous!

Next up was my brow shaping by the fab folks from Joey Healy Brows. It was honestly a great experience and I’ll relate a few personal details as to why.

First and foremost, my eyebrows are pretty much naturally perfect.

Usually, I just pluck a few strays in the center and maybe fluff/cut/pluck out the edges. I’ve known this since I was a little girl, as I grew up the daughter of a professional cosmetologist.

Therefore, when the brow specialist noticed this (without me uttering a word) and didn’t try to swindle me into chopping off my brows, just so she could powder them back in again with brow/eye shadow, she won me over with massive brownie points.

That kind of transparency and honesty goes a long way with me, so major thumbs up there! Not to mention the fact that they also measure your brows and give you a type of recipe card on how exactly/where your brows should be and shaped. Not going to lie, ladies (and possible gents reading this), that’s pretty cool!



OMGGGG, the waxing.

Can I just say that Sophia (Kelly) at the Bond Street location of Completely Bare is my new bff.

My Brazilian was probably an out of body, mind-boggling-how-the-heck-was-it-not-painful-wow experience.

Using their purple hard wax for the more, ahem, delicate girlie areas, and then using their pink soft wax for the rest, I barely flinched.

As a veteran waxing girl, I can’t say enough about how utterly impressed I was. The service was also unbelievably quick.

I’m such a happy girl! If I could do little skips down the street, I so would. But that might be weird.

By far, if you go to Completely Bare for anything at all — ask for Sophia and get the Brazilian (yea, she’s from Brasil 🙂 ) to do your Brazilian.

Then we can start a fan club!

Also, I heard that Completely Bare specializes in laser — I’m looking into that next!

Rock on, ladies!


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