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Celine Dion Dresses Like Selena Gomez on the Finale of The Voice

Remember this?

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I spy with my little eye something couture and sparkly!

Last night, on the season five finale of The Voice, Celine Dion pulled a Selena Gomez and rocked out to a gorgeous ensemble from Atelier Versace’s Fall/Winter 2013 collection.

The collection, inspired by the black-and-white photography of the 1930s, described as Donatella Versace’s “most confident” since her return to the world of couture the year before, awed on the runway for its use of crystals, sexy open panels on the front and back as well as the delicate provocative [Read more…]

From Leren to Adalyn: How Lacoste Feeds My Not-So-Secret Shoe Obsession

My Leren wedges and my favourite pair of socks!

I love shoes. That’s not a secret.

Last year, I got these amazing Leren suede wedges from Lacoste and they are divine.

I wore them a lot with my favourite scarf (see below) and I got a lot of compliments on the pair!

My favourite lambswool scarf 🙂

Isla Fisher [Read more…]

Tea Is Good For The Soul, So Have Some Kusmi

A little Kusmi mint tea 🙂

“You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.”
― C.S. Lewis

When I have a bad day, when I want to relax, when I wish to spend time with those I love or even get to know someone new – I enjoy a good cup of tea.

Black. Green. Peppermint. Yerba Mate. Green Pea. Vanilla Rooibos. Masala. Prince Vladimir. Earl Grey. English Breakfast.

I suppose you could say I’m a bit of a connoisseur of specific tastes, like notes are to perfume.

That’s why I like Kusmi Tea. I’ve always been fascinated by the French brand (originally Russian), their sheer elegance and the cool vibe they give off.

Kusmi Tea makes the perfect gift for someone special or for yourself because of its uniqueness, versatility of taste-hues, quality and beautiful packaging. [Read more…]

Martha Stewart Favourite Matthew Robbins Creates Collection with Teroforma

A favourite event stylist of Martha Stewart, Matthew Robbins, has teamed up with Teroforma to create professional quality vases to elevate and transform every floral arrangement you might have this holiday season with chic elegance and style.

(Which is awesome, because I love flowers and try to keep a fresh bouquet in my apartment whenever I can!)

I love the look of them with their solid colour, sleek lines and curvy shapes. [Read more…]

(ADbitious) Remarkable Pantene Advert Showcases Double Standard Women Face in the Workplace

Saw this one on Sheryl Sandberg’s Facebook page a few days ago and I had to put it up.

Produced by Marc Pritchard, Andrew Robertson and BBDO (Guerrero) for Pantene in Manila, the campaign walks through identical situations and how outside perception can be vastly different if an act is done by a man versus a woman. [Read more…]

Swatches: Butter London Holiday 2013 – Bramble and Stardust

Check. It. Out.

Yay! My birthday is in two days and I gave myself a festive manicure tonight. It actually reminds me of a cross between my Grad Night 2003 t-shirt from Disney World and Elsa from Disney’s “Frozen” … but that’s another story… 🙂 [Read more…]

7 Unique Stocking Stuffers and Gifts for the Chic Man or Woman in Your Life

Christmas on Wall Street

Stocking Stuffers alert! Or rather need a gift for your boyfriend? Your mother who has everything? You father who is hard to read and you can’t figure out what in the world to get him? What about your picky/choosey sister? Or your little brother who thinks he’s a South Beach bartender wrecking havoc in your family’s kitchen?

Oh, dearies, then this list is for you 🙂

(Click on titles of items for links)


[Read more…]

Experiential Goodness: Benefit Cosmetics Makeup Vending Machine!

Benefit Cosmetics Vending Machine at FLL Airport

On my way back to New York City from visiting my family in Florida, I was at FLL Airport waiting for my flight in departures when I spotted a big pink truck! [Read more…]

Live in New York City? Learn to Cook with Asphalt Green Battery Park Culinary Center!

This post is image heavy and EVERYTHING shown was handmade by me and my 3 other classmates at Culinary Boot Camp!

I can bake, but I really can’t cook. Not at all.

You know rice burns, taco shells melt and ummm stuffed tomatoes are more like pure mush.

So when I got the opportunity to take a cooking boot camp class I was all about it.

Culinary Boot Camp at Asphalt Green in Battery Park City is a 3-week class for beginners and semi-experienced cooks alike who want to take their skills to the next level.

[Read more…]