Rekorderlig Cider Makes it American Debut

Me at the Rekorderlig press dinner

America is about to get just that little more beautiful with the launch of Rekorderlig, the “Beautifully Swedish” cider that’s previously been a massive hit in both the UK and Australia.

This fall, the premium hard cider will be available in key on and off-premise locations in New York, New Jersey and Florida.

With my friend Ellyn at the press event putting on our best smiles 🙂

Born in Sweden nearly two decades ago, Rekorderlig (pronounced Rek-order-lig) was the labor of love of one of country’s most prominent family-owned breweries, Åbro (Orr- bro).

To this day, every drop is still brewed in the peaceful southern town of Vimmerby, using spring water from one of Europe’s most accredited water sources — the Boulder-Ridge River — which runs through the town.

Strawberry-Lime bit of heaven in a glass

In English, the name ‘Rekorderlig’ means ‘reliable, trustworthy and down to earth.’

The brand positioning — “Beautifully Swedish” — evolved from a simple brand truth: Rekorderlig embodies the beautiful design, culture and personality of Sweden and its people.

Official images of the spirits release in the US below:-

Made from 100 percent European apples or pears, Rekorderlig enters the U.S. market with three of its most popular flavors: a crisp Pear, dry and juicy Wild Berries and a zesty Strawberry-Lime.

Each flavor (all 4.5 percent ABV) serves up the perfect balance of mouthwatering sweetness and tanginess.

Rekorderlig is best served chilled over ice and “styled” with citrus and fresh garnishes to accentuate its unique and versatile flavor profile.

In my personal opinion, I loved it. It’s not too strong or too sweet. It’s a light refreshing drink for fall and I can’t wait to purchase it and take it to get togethers with friends and family this holiday season!


Happy Autumn! 🙂


Anklet, ummm, enjoyed the bag, lol:

Ankee-boo and the Rekorderlig bag that became her new way for hide-and-seek!


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