Review: OPI Liquid Sand Bond Girls in Jinx

Bond. James, Bond.

On. My. Nails. *le sigh*

Ah, I love it.

OPI’s Liquid Sand is a textured nail polish with a matte finish, requiring no top coat.

With a simple application process consisting of a base coast (my personal preference has always been OPI’s Nail Envy in Original) and two coats of Liquid Sand, this is simpler to apply than regular nail lacquer. In fact, in my personal opinion, a salon quality manicure using Liquid Sand is idiot proof.

While, this review will be based on Jinx (the Halle Berry-inspired shade from the film “Die Another Day”(2002)), I will caveat my review to say that I did also try Vesper, Pussy Galore and Solitaire, but Jinx was my favorite of them all.

OPI Bond Girls Liquid Sand is a jelly like pigmented polish, with textured bits of glitter and sandy fragments. In this case, Jinx is a coral-jelly like base with definitive pinkish red undertones splashed with gold and coral ultra fine glitter.

It is definitely the sizzling hot, swanking, definitive colour for summer manicures and pedicures.

Hands down.

It. Rocks.

I have not tried to use a top coat on any of the Liquid Sand polishes, but have heard that when you do, depending on the colour, it masks the brilliance of the glitter.

I would also note a few other things as well:

In terms of wear, with a solid base coat and two coats of polish, this can easily go on your nails for a week without any chips or fades. I would strongly suggest at the end of the first week, lightly filing the edge of your nails to get another solid week out of your manicure.

In addition to that, while Liquid Sand, does dry quicker than normal nail lacquer it does require time to dry. Make sure your base coat is completely dry before you apply your first coat of Liquid Sand and definitely make sure sure your first coat of Liquid Sand is dry before applying a second.

This ensure the absolute best, brilliant results!

Happy polishing!



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