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No Friends of Mine: LEGO Goes Pink


Let’s start by making something very clear: I absolutely adore LEGO. Its concept, design, products and company philosophy are fantastic. My husband is a LEGO collector who owns every variation of Star Wars minifigure the company ever released and is known on Twitter as Lego Master. Last Saturday was spent in a rapturous build and endless admiration of the recently released Jabba’s Palace set, and this year we have decided that all our Christmas decorations will be made out of LEGO, including their wonderful Winter Village sets, which are still boxed and waiting for December the 1st when we buy the tree.

Nor, I hasten to add, do I have anything against the colour pink per se. Apart from the fact that it would be weird for me to write for the Little Pink Blog and be a voracious anti-pink feminist, I believe that colours in themselves are not inherently evil, and that women should wear pink and buy pink products if they feel like it.

That said, this week I joined 61,000 [Read more…]