An Interview with Tanc Sade

Last time we chatted with Tanc Sade, nearly two years ago, he was fresh of off Gilmore Girls, in the midst of producing with his film company, Five Island Films and seeking his next big adventure on the Southern California horizon.

Tanc spared some time for me and we caught up on everything from his acting career, producing and the love of his life, diving.

S: Heya, Tanc, long time no see. How are you?

T: Lovely, thanks Sasha. Another glorious day in Southern California. Life’s tough.

S: *laughs* That is so not fair. First you tease me about Cali, and I have my cousins on the opposite end rubbing it in my face that they’re sipping coconut water on a beach in the Caribbean!

T: You can’t go past the glorious weather, that and it’s proximity to everything.

S: Meh. I can be jealous. NYC, has been bipolar! Makes me wish Miami. Anyway, what’s your favourite thing about living in LA these days? What’s good?

T: I did an independent film last year, Queen Of Hearts directed by the very talented Johnny Lin. Anyway, I got to know Kadeem Hardison (A Different World) quite well on that shoot. Anyway, one day I’m spearfishing out off my local spot and I looked out and I could see snow capped mountains. And then I realized that Kadeem said he’s gone snowboarding that weekend. So hear I am, diving in the ocean, looking up at the mountains and thinking, only in California can one fella be diving and another snowboarding two hours away.

S: Understatement!

T: *laughs* Yeah, well you know how it goes.

S: I do, I do. Speaking being out there and doing your own thing, what’s going on with Five Island Films?

T: I’ve been working on a new feature for Five Island Films for the past six months or so. It’s a romance, think Legends of the Fall meets The Notebook.

S: Oooh! I do love me some good romance. What’s it about?

T: *waggles finger a bit* You’ll have to wait on that one like everyone else!

S: *laughs* No worries, no worries. Well then, something I know I can ask you: Body of Proof! That must have been a lot of fun. Tell me about it.

T: Awesome, Dana Delany is such a sassy lady. Gotta say I had quite a crush on her. Also, seems like I’m always working with an Aussie. First it was Simon Baker on The Mentalist and then Nic Bishop on this. We’re taking over!

S: It would seem so, it would certainly seem so! And speaking of which, your character, Teddy Gorman, I have to say seemed a bit like the illustrious Finn from Gilmore Girls. Am I sensing a trend, Tanc?

T: No, no. But funny you say that. I really didn’t see Teddy that way. He was much more sinister, bit of a lost soul. But yes, very much the playboy.

S: Well, Teddy had good some good style on the show. I recall and outfit or seven that I was quite “Yesssss-ing” about, and we know Finn was pretty stylish, speaking of which — what’s your personal style?

T: Hmmm, I’m pretty mixed.

S: Ooh, do tell. I could talk about this for hours.

T: Ha! Well, I’m definitely a little edgy and I love my deep V-neck t-shirts. But I love nothing more than throwing on a suit and tie. Unfortunately, the opportunities don’t come up very often. Speaking of which, I need to pick up a bow tie. Got one of those elaborate Hollywood weddings coming up. And no don’t ask…

S: *laughs* Okay, I won’t. So tell me then, what do you see as the main difference between American style and Australian style?

T: Hmm, I’d say Aussies, at least from Sydney, tend to dress a little more like New Yorkers or Londoners. A little more subtle I think, on the norm.

S: Ah, so they like to wear their clothes rather than wear their bodies, eh?

T: *grins* You could say that. I believe so!

S: So, any favourite places to shop in Oz that you wish absolutely were in the US? Or products? Food?

T: Don’t get me started on the restaurant scene. There are a couple of staples I can’t wait to go back to. Bill’s for breakfast. Longrain, Sean’s Panorama for dinner and my local watering hole, Icebergs.

S: Now I understand you’re in a new film with Nicolas Cage, tell me about it.

T: It’s a fun ransom type movie called Stolen. Nic’s daughter’s been locked in the trunk of a cab. Josh drives around New Orleans during Mardi Gras holding her hostage.

S: Ah, I see and your character is Pete, yes? What was it like to play Pete?

T: Pete was hilarious. He was this way over the top backpacker. Total larrikin. It was a bit of a challenge getting his accent down as it had such a particular, over the top cadence, great fun though. And Josh Lucus was pretty awesome.

S: That’s good, and you are an expert when it comes to nailing down various accents.

T: *grins* Well, yeaaa… just a bit.

S: *laughs* Awesome. So, word on the street is that you’ve signed to appear in a new Eli Roth, of Inglorious Bastards, film?

T: I’m really hoping it works out. It’s a matter of scheduling right now. At this point it looks like they’re shooting at the end of the year in December, or in early January 2013. So, if that’s the case I’d say, “yeah.”

S: Oooh, so are there any details you can release on that?

T: Not really. It’s all a bit hush hush right now. Surprised you even know about it! Clever girl!

S: Haaa! A girl’s got her sources. So any new movies you’re looking forward to seeing?

T: I’m dying to see The Master — supposed to be good. Hopefully, I’ll sneak in a matinee this week.

S: Me too! You must tell me how it is after.

T: Deal.

S: Good. So I’m a huge music fan and with Spotify available in the US for about a year now, I’ve been obsessing over about 20 different genres. Suggest me something cool to listen to. Go! Tell! Tell!

T: Hmmm, well, you know I’ve been working on a feature for Five Island Films and I can’t help but listen to various composers. Bit of a love of mine, actually — Abel Korzeniowski, Ludovico Einaudi, Desplat to name a few…

S: Desplat! He did Harry Potter!

T: Yes, of course, you would know that. *laughs*

S: Okay, one last question, and it won’t be Harry Potter related —

T: Here I was thinking you’d ask me what house I’d be in —

S: You’d tell me?

T: No, it’s a secret! *winks*

S: Fine, fine. Then tell me, is there anything cool coming up in the next few weeks to watch out for?

T: Aside, from producing and acting, I’ve been I’ve been freedive training pretty intensively for last couple of months. I’ve got a competition coming up next month. Hoping to qualify for the world championships. Wish me luck!

S: No way?!

T: Yep, yep.

S: That’s exciting! Best of luck Mr. Sade!

T: Why, thank you Miss Muradali!

S: No, thank you for sitting down with me today.

T: Anytime.



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