butterLondon Autumn/Winter 2012

We love butterLondon.

You know this.

We love butterLondon like A LOT.

So we were extra excited when we found out about their AW12 collection.

All the thoughts of sequins, velvet, satin, tweet and sugar plums danced languidly in our heads.

Mimicking the runways that are abundant in looks full of texture, the AW12 butterLondon collection features a thorough infusion of glitter particles, metallic and holographic finishes.

The colour tones are of the “earthiness” kind, but are not specifically earth tones. Rather thing in terms of vibrant rust, shimmering greens and gossamer silvers.

While feeling very future-forward, it’s not futuristic.


Lovely Jubbly Colour: A vibrant magenta flecked with red, blue and gold micro particles. Channeling a distinctly retro 70’s feel, this sultry glitter gives high impact sparkle perfect for Disco Divas. Definition: Brit speak for “Excellent.” Used when a person hears pleasing news or has a stroke of good luck.
Trustafarian Colour: A golden holographic finish gives this delightful sage green a surprising and sophisticated edge. Definition: A spoiled rich kid who pretends to be a hippy but still goes home to Daddy’s mansion on the weekend.
Gobsmacked Colour: A heavily pigmented charcoal grey glitter with a slightly textured finish. This shade is unlike anything we’ve seen before. A legend in the making! Definition: To be totally speechless. Unable to think of anything to say.
Shag Colour: A high-shine metallic lacquer in a warm orange-burgundy hue. Reminiscent of fallen Autumn leaves. Sigh. Definition: Brit slang for “knocking boots.”
Dodgy Barnett Colour: A highly holographic shade that blurs the line between grey and silver. A classic! Definition: A bad hairdo. A mullet of any variety is a seriously Dodgy Barnett.

And the LIPPY! We mustn’t forget the LIPPY!

We love this whole matchy-matchy lip and nail trend, throw in some eye shadow and you had us at first viatmin E.

The LIPPY AW12 collection is everything bold, everything chic nude and everything extra vampy for good measure!

I’m personally a huge fan of Come to Bed Red and Queen Vic — delish.


Toff Colour: A darker, dustier, brownish variation on a rose pink. Stop to smell them. The roses, not the toffs. Definition: A slightly derogatory name for a member of the British upper class.
Come to Bed Red Colour: The sexiest red in history, by butter LONDON. Definition: ENOUGH SAID! A butter best seller for “Coco” wannabes.
Tea with the Queen Colour: On the pink side of tan, very neutral, but never boring. Understated and exceptional for work, or obviously, tea with the Queen. Definition: A highly prestigious invitation extended to important and boring members of the British public.
La Moss Colour: Vampy and full of red wine, just like its inspiration. Definition: Adding the prefix “La” to anyone’s name implies that they are a diva. A fashionista’s nickname for England’s most famous model.
Queen Vic Colour: Stunning, elegant and classy. Red wine meets cranberry. Fit for a queen. Definition: Beloved monarch, responsible for many of London’s most beautiful landmarks. (Also the name of about 3,000 English pubs).


Happy Holidays 🙂

Find at ButterLondon.com

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