Penetrating Markets: A British Tale

With Stuart Trevor, original founder of ALL SAINTS, discussing his plans for Bolongaro Trevor

Considering that the United States accounts for approximately 30-percent of the world’s GDP, how do you penetrate it?

Post-Nolcha’s menswear show, I attended a Q&A at the British Consulate-General’s office to hear what Firetrap (denim/streetwear), Pretty Green (by Liam Gallagher) and Bolongaro Trevor (from the original designers behind the cult retail chain, All Saints) all had to say about how to breakthrough into the US market.

Seleste Chettleburgh of Firetrap, Stuart Trevor of Bolongaro Trevor and Dean West of Pretty Green (L-R)

Seleste Chettleburgh of Firetrap

The United States is the world’s largest (and at times most demanding) market for almost everything.

We are a society of mass consumption and we are obsessed with it.

From oil, to coffee (Hello, cannibalism of Starbucks!), to the shoes we wear to the fact that there are well over 100 different types of toothpaste on our shelves.

With ample choices for a consumer market that is in lust with their purchasing power, companies around the world do, in fact, aspire to do business in the US (or at least with US-based companies in their home markets).

Dean West of Pretty Green

The most attractive thing about the US to a brand is its sheer size, with diversity and purchasing power coming in at a close second.

So how do you penetrate the US market?

Especially, in a nation built on various nationalities, and thereby already swarming with foreign businesses?


Well now, that * is * the billion dollar question.


Happy Fashion Week!


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