PR Meltdown at Betsey Johnson 70th Retrospective

Oh, dear, Fashion Week is always full of unfortunate things that happen. It comes with the territory. We love Betsey Johnson, so we were very excited to see her Retrospective. It was a celebration (and birthday party) of 70-years of Betsey! Oh the pink, the Queens, the tulle and the glitter — except, sadly, it didn’t happen.

We got to the venue early at 7:30 p.m., for a show that was supposed to start at 8 p.m. My photographer from Runway Press and I were one of the first ten to fifteen people in line and my RSVP for media was confirmed about 2-weeks ago. It was then reconfirmed about 3-days ago.

In line there were about 150-200 people (for a venue with a capacity of 500) and it was a mixture of guests who had confirmed RSVPs and media who had confirmed as well. Unless you were filming backstage, there was one line. Sadly, the line never moved and we were told after about an hour that the venue had reached capacity.

Extremely confused, a few people around asked why, some of which were lugging heavy duty camera equipment. The PR interns on-hand related that there were too many VIPs inside and that the fire marshal was standing at the door regulating.

The only problem was that no fire marshal was in anyone’s line of sight and people were still pouring in the front door that were not from the either of the two lines that had been waiting for over an hour at a standstill.

Needless to say, more confusion erupted and then THIS happened:

As a fellow public relations practitioner, I don’t think this was meant to be. Seems like a lot of wires were mismatched and crossed somewhere. I was standing next to a women who was supposed to photograph the event for Wire Image in the UK. She left about ten minutes before me because she said it was easier for to her to make it to The Standard Hotel to cover the after party for The Blonds.

It’s unfortunate because Betsey Johnson is a style icon and I’m sure her team really wanted to throw an amazing 70th.

The line went around the block

Then again, Lynn Tesoro, founder of HL Group, which represents Zac Posen, was slapped at the Zac Posen SS13 show by the daughter of an unhappy French editor. Their seats were axed and then rearranged because of capacity. (1, 2, 3, 4)

It made me think of that Wall Street Journal article, “As VIPs Multiply, Styling the Front Row Gets Trickier.”

Oh yes, and by the way, that European reporter I’ve been crushing on at the media lounge inside Lincoln Center for three seasons now, has bad teeth and too much of an authoritative-upper-crusty-snooty accent for my taste. My fantasy version of him was better. So I’ll settle to continue to just gawk at him, his phosphorous blue eyes and his chiseled features from afar.

It certainly has been an eventful September day, that’s for sure!

Happy Fashion Week!


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