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Queen Rania Talks Education and Innovation at the Clinton Global Initiative 2012


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Image via Queen Rania’s Facebook Page

“Technology is not only for the individual, it’s for humanity.”

I adore Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah.

Like my idol the late Princess Diana of Wales, Queen Rania sees beyond wealth, extravagance and the fact that she’s royalty.

She seeks to help those in need, strives for positive changes and believes that education, having heart and using the worlds assets can lead to a better, brighter and healthier tomorrow for the world’s next generation.

This week, here in New York, Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah joined President Bill Clinton, United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and World Bank President Jim Young Kim at the eight annual Clinton Global Initiative.

The opening panel, held on Sunday September 23, entitled “Designing for Impact,” focused on the how citizens of the world could cultivate an environment where their lives and the lives of those around them can serve as vehicles for change. [Read more…]

An Interview with Tanc Sade

Last time we chatted with Tanc Sade, nearly two years ago, he was fresh of off Gilmore Girls, in the midst of producing with his film company, Five Island Films and seeking his next big adventure on the Southern California horizon.

Tanc spared some time for me and we caught up on everything from his acting career, producing and the love of his life, diving. [Read more…]

It’s National Voter Registration Day, So Register Now for Nov. 2

Good morning lovelies!

Happy National Voter Registration Day! 🙂 [Read more…]

Vivienne Tam SS13

Vivienne Tam is always such a pleasure to watch.

She always utilizes creativity, her heritage and her love of yoga into her collections.

Spring/Summer 2013, inspired by the five elements of Chinese cosmology: metal, wood, water, fire and earth, was a refreshing sight to behold. [Read more…]

Sensation Releases DJ Lineup For North American Debut

Ooh. Emm. Gee! Get excited because we so totally are!

All the white, all the eye candy, all the fringe and electronic beats blazing around us.

We can’t wait to sport our little icy bodycon dress with daisies caressing our tresses.

After successfully producing over 70 Sensation events for millions of electronic music fans, in over 20 countries, Sensation “Innerspace” is coming to New York October 26/27 in Brooklyn at the new Barclays Center. [Read more…]

Garden Oasis: Fotini SS13

Born in Athens, Greece to an Egyptian father and a Greek mother, New York-based designer Fotini built a name for herself that epitomizes on the ultra chic and the uber feminine.

Her designs of the past have been as flirty and classic as they have been contemporary and luxurious.

After traveling around Europe (specifically Italy) for over three-years, Fotini’s SS13 collection, at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, was an ode to such with 18th-century paintings and the French countryside springing to life through yards of silk and pale romantic tones. [Read more…]

butterLondon Autumn/Winter 2012

We love butterLondon.

You know this.

We love butterLondon like A LOT.

So we were extra excited when we found out about their AW12 collection.

All the thoughts of sequins, velvet, satin, tweet and sugar plums danced languidly in our heads. [Read more…]

Penetrating Markets: A British Tale

With Stuart Trevor, original founder of ALL SAINTS, discussing his plans for Bolongaro Trevor

Considering that the United States accounts for approximately 30-percent of the world’s GDP, how do you penetrate it?

Post-Nolcha’s menswear show, I attended a Q&A at the British Consulate-General’s office to hear what Firetrap (denim/streetwear), Pretty Green (by Liam Gallagher) and Bolongaro Trevor (from the original designers behind the cult retail chain, All Saints) all had to say about how to breakthrough into the US market. [Read more…]

An Evening With Snow White and The Huntsman, NBC Universal and [yellow tail]

We seriously heart the folks at NBC Universal and [yellow tail]. They really know how to throw intimate, fun, exceptionally well-catered and put together events.

Whenever we step into a NBC Universal and [yellow tail] production it is always feels like we’ve stepped into another world.

Thereby, the NBC Universal and [yellow tail] blu-ray/DVD launch of “Snow White and The Huntsman” was nothing short of an ‘outstanding’ that even Dolores Umbridge couldn’t argue with it.

Minerva McGonagall would be proud.

Ignore our sleepless, New York Fashion Week, extremely tired face… rather pay attention to our pretty dress, red lips and cutsey wedges! *wheeee* Go us! 🙂

Centered around the theme of “Good and Evil” (we felt very Florence + The Machine “Shake it Out” music video-esque), the night was full of delicious [Read more…]

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Premiere: Osklen SS13

Our dream is to one day sip a caipirinha along the coastline in Rio with a saucer-shaped straw hat atop our tresses, clad in a body-con dress, with our over-sized Aviators upon our perfectly lined, in liquid noir, eyes gazing into the sunset…

…until such time we can embrace Osklen’s SS13 collection, which oozed every ounce of an “endless summer.”

Oskar Metsavaht (a former surfer), titled his well-respected Brazilian-based Osklen’s SS13 collection appropriately. An “endless summer,” in every which way, the collection was inspired by the California surf culture and the Brazilian soul of Ipanema. [Read more…]